Jeff Bezos Confronts Elon Musk on Twitter; Awesomeness Ensues

Jeff BezosTrashing Elon Musk on Twitter Is a Bad Idea

In case you missed it, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have revived the space race. Both tech billionaires are trying to reduce the cost of space travel by developing reusable rockets, and that’s led to a little bit of friction. Their feud recently made its way onto Twitter. (Source: “Jeff Bezos trolls Elon Musk’s Space X triumph, Twitter rips him apart,” Yahoo! Tech, December 22, 2015.)

Jeff Bezos is most commonly known as the founder and CEO of, Inc., which is a publicly traded company. Using his own personal wealth, however, Bezos also owns the Washington Post and Blue Origin, his space company.

Last month, Blue Origin launched its “New Shepard” rocket and landed it back on Earth. The propulsive landing was a spectacular feat of engineering, which almost everyone recognized and gave Bezos and his team credit for—even Elon Musk added his congratulations.

However, Musk did add that Jeff Bezos was mistaken when he claimed the New Shepard was “the rarest of beasts.” After all, SpaceX had performed several test landings on its first stage booster rocket. It was a mild, if pedantic, correction.


Then SpaceX performed an even more historic landing while also delivering 11 satellites into orbit. It was a real mission, not a test flight, and SpaceX nailed it. Here’s what Jeff Bezos said in response.

Jeff Bezos Invokes Twitter Backlash

Only the most trusting person in the world would think that was a sincere message. Most people on Twitter certainly didn’t and they unleashed their displeasure on Bezos. After the “Tweetstorm” he inspired, my guess is Jeff Bezos will think twice before being snarky to Musk again. @JeffBezos this is a joke right? I know you’re smarter than this. We all do. Your launch was great but not like this. Good job though

    • Matt Anglero (@MattAnglero) December 22, 2015

@JeffBezos You’re in the space tourism business, dude. Settle down.

    • Daniel Lewis (@danrlewis) December 22, 2015

@JeffBezos A real man would congratulate Elon on his victory, give credit where due, and not pretend to be on the same plane.

    • Adam Blackstone (@Celt_Englishman) December 22, 2015

@JeffBezos @SpaceX what club? This was a million times more difficult than what u did

    • Avionica (@avionicamusica) December 22, 2015

@JeffBezos @SpaceX very lame. SpaceX is a real, operating, launch company. Blue Origin is still testing a circus ride.

    • Jim De Arras (@jmdearras) December 22, 2015

And my personal favorite…

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