Neos Therapeutics Upcoming IPO: What Investors Need to Know

Neos TherapeuticsNeos Therapeutics submitted a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 13, 2015 about its initial public offering (IPO). However, investors may have some questions about the Neos Therapeutics IPO before it becomes available. It is expected to price during the week of July 20, 2015. (Source: Securities and Exchange Commission, last accessed July 14, 2015.)

Who is Neos Therapeutics?

Neos Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing products utilizing their proprietary modified-release drug delivery technology platform. They have already used this to develop their three branded product candidates for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

What is Neos Therapeutics’ Business Model?

Neos Therapeutics’s goal is to be a leading pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products that utilize their proprietary modified-release drug delivery technology platform.

What is Neos Therapeutics’ Revenue?

Neos Therapeutics’ revenues decreased from $1.0 million for the year ended December 31, 2013 to $758,000 for the year ended December 31, 2014.


What is Neos Therapeutics’ IPO Price?

The company plans to raise $60.0 million by offering four million shares at a price range of $14.00 to $16.00. The underwriters for this offering are UBS Group AG (NYSE/UBS), Bank of Montreal (NYSE/BMO), RBC, and JMP Securities.

What is Neos Therapeutics’ Stock Symbol?

The company has applied to list on the NASDAQ under the symbol “NEOS.”

How Will Neos Therapeutics Use the Money?

The proceeds from the IPO are going toward the commercialization of the company’s three lead product candidates. Separately, the proceeds will be used for working capital, capital expenditures, and general corporate purposes.