Univar IPO: Everything You Need to Know

Univar Stock PriceA once public company has gone private, and is now coming back to the market. (Source: NASDAQ, June 17, 2015.)

Who is Univar?

Univar is a chemical distribution company headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois. The company was founded in 1924 and is now a distributor for more than 8,000 producers worldwide.

Note that the company had been public for decades, before being taken back to being privately held in 2007.

By the end of December, 2014, Univar held the number one market position in the U.S. and number two in Europe.


What is Univar’s Business Model?

Most of Univar’s sales come from the sale of chemicals to the company’s customers. These sales also include billings for freight and handling charges and fees earned for services provided. Profit comes from the difference between net sales and costs of goods sold. These costs include inventory costs, inbound freight and handling, and labor costs, among others.

What are Univar’s Sales?

Univar’s sales for fiscal 2014 were at $10.37 billion, slightly better than the $10.32 billion in 2013. Despite the large sales figures, the company’s net income has been negative. In 2014, Univar’s net loss was $20.1 million, a significant improvement from the $82.3 million loss in 2013.

What is Univar’s IPO Price?

Univar expects its IPO price to be between $20.00 and $22.00 per share.

How Much Money Will Univar’s IPO Raise?

In an earlier filing, Univar planned to offer 20 million shares, raising up to $440 million. An amendment on June 17 shows the company’s existing shareholders are offering another 15 million shares. This bumps the total number to 35 million shares, and the total value of the IPO up to $770 million.

How Will Univar Use the Money?

According to the SEC filling, the company intends to use the proceeds to redeem, repurchase, or acquire or retire its outstanding subordinated notes due in 2017 and 2018, pay related fees and expenses, and for general corporate purposes.

What is Univar’s Stock Symbol?

Univar’s shares will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “UNVR.”

What is Univar’s IPO Date?

Univar went public on Thursday, June 18, 2015.