3C Contact Services Announces Ontario Wholesale Energy and SmartyPantz as New Clients

3ccontactservicesToronto, Canada, December 16, 2016 – 3C Contact Services (www.3CContactServices.com), North America’s premier cost-effective provider of contact center solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, is announcing Ontario Wholesale Energy and SmartyPantz as its newest clients.

Ontario Complete Energy offers 100% load forwarding protection on electricity and natural gas. What that means is that Ontario Wholesale Energy will manage all risks while its customers are able to use either energy commodity as much as they need.

“It’s exciting to be working with a company like Ontario Wholesale Energy that is delivering a great service to people of this province,” says Steven Facey, general manager at 3C Contact Services. “We can’t wait to play our part in reaching new customers and connecting them with Ontario Wholesale Energy’s services.”

3C Contact Services will be providing outbound sales verification for Ontario Wholesale Services. This means that once the sale is complete, 3C Contact Services will be forwarded each customer’s contact information. It then calls each customer to verify that the sale is correct or true through a series of questions.


SmartyPantz is a company based out in Vancouver that operates Escape Rooms. Their customers are put into a themed room that has anywhere from four to 16 players at a time. They are then given 45 minutes to figure out how to escape the room by solving riddles and puzzles.

“The escape room concept has been fairly new, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with SmartyPantz,” Facey continues. “We anticipate being a big part of elevating SmartyPantz customer service.”

3C Contact Services will be providing SmartyPantz with inbound customer service. This requires the company to  speak directly with SmartyPantz’s customers and finding ways to offer support along with increasing customer satisfaction.

“Both of the companies offer unique opportunities for us at 3C Contact Services to use our experience and expertise to improve each of their services on some level. We’re confident that we will deliver,” Facey concludes.

3C Contact Services provides its partners’ agents with the necessary customer service skills needed to resolve a number of situations. For more information, visit www.3CContactServices.com