The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic Announces Launch of Infini Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

AgingToronto, Canada, October 3, 2017 – The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic (, a Toronto-based provider of hair and skin restoration treatments, is thrilled to announce that it has added the Inifini procedure to its line of services. Infini is the newest technology for lax skin, fine lines and wrinkles that uses high intensity-focused radio frequency (RF) technology to deliver thermal energy deep into the dermis. As the body heals from the micro damage, new collagen and elastin are produced for impressive results.

“As of July, we have implemented this effective treatment solution for our clients. Infini works as a less invasive alternative to plastic surgery, and the results are more gradual, giving clients a more natural and authentic facial improvement,” says Silvia Derasner, medical aesthetician and co-founder of the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. “Infini also works for tightening the skin around the neck and it can work on the arms, legs, stomach, saddle bags, and more.”

All other laser treatment systems have prolonged healing times to treat the same conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles, tone and textural changes, scars, sagging skin, and overall skin rejuvenation. With Infini, the down time is reduced by more than 50% for most patients. The treatment is multifaceted, as it also treats acne, acne scars, and stretch marks. With downtime as little as two to three days, clients can resume normal activities as their skin begins to heal itself and improve in appearance.

“The treatment itself does exhibit some heat and pressure, but our physicians communicate with our clients to ensure they are comfortable,” says Derasner. “Unlike many other procedures, Infini has long lasting results that last for years. This is because the microneedles and heat inflict slight damage to the skin, so the patient’s own body begins to produce new, youthful collagen to heal itself.”


The procedure is performed by the Clinic’s medical aesthetician and laser specialists, as well as the nurse. Clients can expect to see results as early as a day after the 15-minute to one-hour-long procedure, but the body takes its time to rebuild collagen over the next few weeks. After approximately six months, clients will be able to enjoy the full rewards of the treatment.

The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic is a Toronto-based skincare clinic. It has been a pioneer in implementing modern technological and clinical treatments as part of its goal to be the best skincare clinic in the city. More information can be found on its web site at