Doctors Health Press Comments on New Study Showing That Eating Nuts Daily Can Reduce Risk of Death Due to Prostate Cancer

Doctors Health PressBoston, MA, June 20, 2016 – Doctors Health Press (, a division of Lombardi Publishing Corporation and the publisher of various natural health newsletters, books, and reports, including the popular Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin, is commenting on a new study showing that eating nuts daily can reduce the risk of death due to prostate cancer.

A new study released in the British Journal of Cancer showed evidence that consuming nuts can help reduce the risk of death due to prostate cancer in men. Nuts such as cashews, almonds, and walnuts were all given as examples of the types of nuts that may play a role. (Source: “Nut consumption and prostate cancer risk and mortality,” British Journal of Cancer, June 9, 2016;

“More and more studies are beginning to show direct correlations between a person’s diet and the impact it has on one’s health,” says Adrian Newman, publisher of Doctors Health Press. “The results from this study further demonstrate that certain foods can do far more than just provide nutrients or help control one’s weight; they can actually play a preventative role in lowering one’s risk of death.”

The study was conducted by scientists from Harvard over a 26-year period, wherein 47,000 men were studied—6,800 of whom were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although eating nuts did not prevent the onset of the disease, the study showed that eating one serving of nuts five times a week reduced the risk of death by 34%.


“These are pretty serious findings,” Newman continues. “If a person with prostate cancer is able to increase their chance of survival by 34% simply by eating nuts, it is definitely worth exploring further.”

Prostate cancer impacts one in every seven men. The majority of cases occur in men over 60, therefore it is not very common for men under the age of 40 to be diagnosed with the disease.

“At Doctors Health Press, we’ve previously reported on the significance of eating natural foods to help prevent cancer,” Newman concludes. “Now there is further evidence to show that natural foods can also benefit those who have already been diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

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