Koch Brothers Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

koch brothers net worth

The Koch brothers’ net worth is $49.6 billion each, or $99.2 billioncombined.

Did you know that the billionaire brothers, David and Charles, who are among the most powerful people in American politics, made their fortune in the wake of a fraternal feud with their other two brothers? That’s right: there are actually four Koch brothers, though only two are rich.

1. The Koch Brothers’ Net Worth is $99.2 Billion

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, David and Charles Koch each had a net worth of $49.6 billion as of March 4, 2016. David is ranked the sixth richest person in the world, while Charles occupies the seventh place. (Source: “Bloomberg Billionaires, Today’s ranking of the world’s richest people,” Bloomberg, last accessed March 4, 2016.)


2. David and Charles Each Own a 42% Stake in Koch Industries

David Koch, 75, is executive vice president of Koch Industries Inc, the second-largest closely held company in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Charles Koch, 80, is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Wichita, Kansas-based conglomerate.

Koch Industries operates in oil refining, pipelines, commodities trading, ranching, and paper pulp and had revenue of more than $100.0 billion in 2015.

David and Charles each own a 42% stake in the business. (Source: Ibid, Bloomberg.)

3. David and Charles Won a Fraternal Feud Over Koch Industries

In 1980, a fraternal feud erupted over control of Koch Industries, which their father, Fred Koch, built in 1940. The younger brother William (Bill) and older brother Frederick tried to unseat Charles as CEO in a failed boardroom coup, while the fourth brother, David, sided with Charles. (Source: Ibid, Bloomberg.)

In 1983, Bill and Fred agreed to sell their shares back to the company for $1.1 billion. They sued two years later, claiming they were underpaid. A 15-year legal battle ensued, which was decided in favor of Charles and David in 2000. (Source: Ibid.)

William’s net worth is estimated at $1.98 billion. (Source: “William Koch,” Forbes, last accessed March 4, 2016.)

4.David Has Survived a Plane Collision

In 1991, David survived an airplane collision on the tarmac of Los Angeles International Airport, an accident that claimed 34 lives. (Source: Ibid, Bloomberg.)

5. They Have Given Millions to Cancer Research

All four Koch Brothers have had prostate cancer, according to Bloomberg.

David has been battling prostate cancer for two decades and has invested millions of dollars in research seeking to eradicate the malady. (Source: “Donor aims to ‘lick’ illness that he has battled for 15 years,” NCPR, April 3, 2008.)

Koch Brothers Net Worth

Year Net Worth
2016 $99.0 billion
2015 $82.0 billion
2014 $72.0 billion
2012 $68.0 billion
2011 $50.0 billion

Source: Forbes

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