Ted Cruz’s Net Worth: 5 Facts You Should Know

ted cruz net worthNot only can I tell you that Ted Cruz’s net worth is $3.5 million, but I can also tell you about some amazing links when you hear about the relationship between this Republican presidential candidate and George W. Bush and Democrat Bill Clinton, and his links to Italy, Ireland, and Canada.

1. Ted Cruz’s Net Worth is $3.5 Million

Ted Cruz, a candidate for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election, has a net worth of $3.5 million. (Source: “Ted Cruz Net Worth,” Celebrity Net Worth, last accessed March 4, 2016.)

Cruz, who turned 45 years old last December 22, has been serving the State of Texas as a junior U.S. senator since 2012.

Most of all of Cruz’s net worth comes from his law practice, his political career, and even his wife’s career as the head of the Southwest Region of Goldman Sachs. (Source: “Ted Cruz Net Worth,” Celebrity Toob, February 2, 2016.)


2. He Was Born in Canada to a Cuban Father

Of Hispanic origin (Cuban-American), Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His father is a Cuban revolutionary who escaped to Texas in 1957 where he paved his way to the University of Texas. His mother is of Irish and Italian descent, born in Delaware. His parents divorced when he was in Law school. (Source: “Ted Cruz Net Worth,” Celebrity Net Worth, last accessed March 4, 2016.)

Cruz was raised in Alberta for a portion of his childhood, but most of his youth was spent in Texas. His parents were in the oil business; they owned their own seismic data processing company utilized by oil drilling companies. (Source: “Ted Cruz Net Worth,” Celebrity Toob, February 2, 2016.)

3. He Was Part of Clinton’s Impeachment Proceedings

Cruz embarked upon his political journey as a law clerk, later joining Cooper & Kirk, LLC as a lawyer. While with that firm, he was a part of President Clinton’s impeachment proceedings. (Source: “Ted Cruz Success Story,” successstory.com, last accessed March 4, 2016.)

Later on, Cruz was Director, Office of Policy Planning at the Federal Trade Commission for a period of four years, from 1999-2003. During that same period, he served as domestic policy advisor to George W. Bush during the 2000 presidential elections as Associate Deputy Attorney General at the United States Department of Justice. In 2003-2008, Cruz was the first Hispanic to occupy the office of Solicitor General. He also taught at the University o Texas School of Law in Austin as an additional professor. (Source: Ibid.)

4. He is the 14th Wealthiest Presidential Candidate

Out of 20 presidential candidates taking part in the 2016 race, Cruz is ranked the 14th richest candidate by Forbes, the well-known American business magazine. Of course, the richest candidate is Donald Trump, the real estate developer, with a $4.5-billion net worth. Cruz comes ahead of Chris Christie ($3.0 million), the New Jersey Governor, but after Bobby Jindal ($5.0 million), the Louisiana Governor. (Source: “The Candidates and Their Net Worth,” Forbes, last accessed March 4, 2016.)

5. He Met His Wife During George Bush’s 2000 Campaign

Cruz is married to Heidi Cruz (nee Nelson), whom he met when he was part of the George W. Bush campaign of 2000. They live in their house in Houston, Texas, with their two young daughters Catherine and Caroline. (Source: “Ted Cruz Net Worth,” Celebrity Net Worth, last accessed March 4, 2016.)

The couple paid $1.5 million in federal income taxes from 2011 through 2014 on adjusted gross income totaling more than $5.0 million. (Source: “Cruz’s Tax Returns: Few Details, $5 Million for 2011-14, Bloomberg, February 27, 2016.)

Ted Cruz’s Earnings

Year Earnings
2016 $541,000 (Expected)
2015 $470,000
2014 $409,000
2013 $313,000
2012 $254,000

(Source: “Ted Cruz net worth (Senator),” Celebrity Glory, last accessed March 4, 2016)

Photo Credit: Flickr/jbouie