Ron Paul Reveals the No. 1 Problem with Bernie Sanders

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders Socialism Won’t Work: Ron Paul

Libertarian activist Ron Paul has advice for the self-professed “Democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders. At a libertarian conference, Paul made some blunt remarks about the Democratic presidential candidate.

Speaking at the Mises Institute, Ron Paul rebuked socialist ideas. He annotated why socialists like Bernie Sanders are not consistent in their policies. (Source: “Ron Paul: Why Bernie Sanders Is Wrong,” YouTube, February 2, 2016.)

Ron Paul explained how Sanders is selective in his socialistic approach. According to Paul, Sanders agrees on social freedom but not economic freedom. Paul questioned the wrongful socialist belief that free markets “allow people to become too rich.” He reiterated that free markets breed innovation.

“They [Socialists] will not listen to the argument that there’s a difference between somebody getting bailed out by the Federal Reserve and they are on their special list, versus somebody who produces a good product,” said Paul.


Being a strong advocate of fair distribution of wealth, the libertarian did not fail to include the topic in his fiery commentary: “They don’t want to introduce the notion of the libertarians because they are terrified that we might encroach on their power to redistribute wealth.”

Bernie Sanders is believed to be a proponent of regulation and opposes the notion of free markets. As of late, Sanders has been criticizing Wall Street. But those who disagree with Sanders are now highlighting an inconsistency between his beliefs and his actions.

Last month, rival Democrat Hillary Clinton took Sanders to task during NBC’s Presidential Debate. Clinton pointed out that Sanders voted for less oversight on Wall Street during her husband’s presidency: “You’re the only one on this stage that voted to deregulate the financial market in 2000,” Clinton reminded us. (Source: “That time Bernie Sanders voted for Bill Clinton’s plan to loosen regulation on Wall Street,” CNN, January 18, 2016.)

Hillary Clinton has managed to beat Bernie Sanders in the Iowa caucuses this week. Albeit minor, the loss has hurt Sanders’ supporters. It’s high time Sanders takes a stance that consolidates his words and actions.