White House Makes Huge Call on Automation and Truck Jobs

AutomationRobots Are Coming to Take Our Truck Jobs

Drivers beware: robots are coming for your truck jobs. Or at least, that’s the latest grim prediction coming from the White House, which is claiming that an estimated 3.1-million people driving for a living today could have their jobs taken by autonomous vehicles.

The bulk of the jobs that are projected to be swept out from under human feet by cruel, cold, lifeless steel are pegged to the heavy trucking industry, which will see 80% to 100% of the nearly 1.7-million truck jobs fall prey to automation, according to the report. (Source: “The White House predicts nearly all truck, taxi, and delivery driver jobs will be automated,Quartz, December 20, 2016.)

Beyond truck jobs, the current administration predicts that delivery drivers and self-employed drivers for on-demand services like Uber Technologies Inc. will similarly be looking down the barrel of a complete robot takeover.

And if that wasn’t enough of a kick in the pants for drivers, the authors said they do not see where those who are currently occupying truck jobs and delivery roles will find work in the new robot-fueled economy.


The report goes on to suggest that government services like, “job search assistance, education, training and apprenticeships to build and certify new skills, and wage insurance” will need to be provided to ensure that those who lost their truck jobs or other driving positions won’t be left out in the cold. Truck jobs, as it stands now, usually have higher salaries compared to other jobs with similar educational requirements.

The White House has recommended a proactive approach to putting those most at risk of losing their jobs into training services to prepare them for the eventual eradication of driving roles due to automation.

“If the United States fails to improve at educating children and retraining adults with the skills needed in an increasingly AI-driven economy,” the report reads, “The country risks leaving millions of Americans behind and losing its position as the global economic leader.”