How to Invest in Swiss Bank Accounts in Canada

how to invest in swiss bank accounts in canadaOpen Swiss Bank Accounts in Canada

We recently sent out a special report to readers of our Investing With Michael newsletter on how to open New Swiss Bank Accounts.

The response has been great. And to be honest, I’m not surprised.

While the yields of U.S. Treasuries hover at round two percent, the yields of these New Swiss Bank Accounts could pay you 5.1%.

Moreover, not only do you get cash payments better than Treasuries, but you could also get total returns exceeding 44%, because these investments can increase in value.

Of course, I’m not talking about actually opening a bank account in Switzerland. In fact, the Swiss banking system is now only the 16th safest in the world. And since the Swiss franc is no longer backed by gold, it’s just another fiat currency.

And if you think that the U.S. will be home to these New Swiss Bank Accounts, think again. The U.S. banking system ranked only the 40th safest in the world.

So, where would you find these New Swiss Bank Accounts?


Swiss Bank Account Investments in Canada

While Canada is relative tiny in population, with a smaller population than Spain and Poland, you won’t find a more stable and secure nation on the planet. It has a long history of pro-business regimes, from colonialism to independence.

One of the reasons why Canada’s banking system is rock-solid is that to get a mortgage to buy a home in the country, you need to make a significant down payment. More than 50% of the homes in Canada have no mortgage. Of the other half, non-first-time home buyers need to put a minimum 25% down payment.

This means subprime mortgages have been virtually nonexistent in Canada. As The Wall Street Journal reported, “Canadian banks are faring far better than their U.S. and European counterparts…with their more prudent lending standards.”

And because Canada is resource-rich, these New Swiss Bank Accounts are backed by not only gold and silver resources, but also timberland and mineral wealth. In fact, Canada is the largest exporter of minerals in the world. Sixty percent of all public mining companies in the world are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

How can you invest in Swiss bank accounts in Canada?

Well, this is not about opening a regular bank account at a Canadian bank. It’s not buying a guaranteed investment certificate of certificate of deposit from a Canadian bank. It’s also not buying Canadian government bonds. Because while these fixed income investments might be sate, they only pay measly rates of 1.2% to two percent, which is nowhere near the four to five percent you can get from a New Swiss Bank Account.

Here’s the best part: by investing in a New Swiss Bank Account, you get an opportunity to have your investment increase in value. In fact, those with their money in their New Swiss Bank Account have gotten a return on capital better than 44%. And that’s not including the cash payments they also receive year after year.

Opening a New Swiss Bank Account is extremely easy. It is 100% legal, and can be done using your regular brokerage account (including your online brokerage).

And in case you are wondering, you don’t have to be a Canadian citizen to invest in them.

We have put together a research report, titled The New Swiss Bank Account: How Canadian Safe Haven Investments Pay You 5.1% Every Year on Top of 44% Returns. In this report, you will find out the names of the top two New Swiss Bank Account companies in Canada today, why you can expect your New Swiss Bank Account to grow in value, and how to open your New Swiss Bank Account.

To learn more about these New Swiss Bank Accounts, I urge you to watch this free video.