Retire On This One Hot Stock – Is This Stock the Next Apple Inc.?

hot stock to retireIn the back of every investor’s mind is the big one that got away.

Consider Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), which grew from a small computer manufacturer in Cupertino, California, into a tech behemoth. If you had bought just $1,000 in the company’s initial public offering back in 1980, your investment would be worth $250,000 million today.

Of course, Apple is now a large business. Its biggest gains are behind it. That means if you’re looking for the next multibagger — stocks that can deliver 100%, 1,000%, even 10,000% gains — you have to hunt for the next Apple.

And this stock could be exactly that.

Many investors don’t realize is the biggest technology revolution of the 21st century is happening right now!

You see, datacenters are at the very foundation of the technology industry, running 24/7, giving Internet users the answers they demand.

And I believe I’ve found the one tiny company that’s about to change the way datacenters are made in the 21st century…

… all because of the development of a new breakthrough microchip unlike anything we have ever seen.

There is only one company with this patented “magic” microchip… so powerful it can increase the speed of the Internet by up to 50 times!

This company is at the center of a major technology shift away from old Intel-like chips and into new “magic” photonic microchips.

If I’m right, this could become one of the biggest tech breakthroughs of our lifetime.

And it could potentially deliver early investors life-changing profits.

You need to buy into it now because it won’t be a “little-known” company for much longer — not with all the fast-moving developments in the semiconductor industry.

Considering this company is the only one with a patent on this technology, if the company captures just an additional 10% of the $61.3-billion microchip industry, it would increase its revenue nearly six-fold.

And remember, that’s just taking into account a share of today’s semiconductor industry.

Ultimately, this company could shake up the entire $4-trillion tech industry as the chip moves into consumer electronics over the next few years. Some investors could literally retire on this one hot stock.

In his viral video, our micro-cap tech reporter John Whitefoot blows the lid on this emerging industry. To get the full story on the “magic” chip that could make the Internet 50 times faster and the company behind it, I urge you to click the red button below.