Swiss Bank Stocks Set to Boom Soon with 44% Returns

safe swiss bank investmentsSafe Swiss Bank Investments

I doubt anyone would say no to guaranteed five-percent cash payments per annum on top of returns on capital exceeding 44%, which is why last month we sent out a report to readers of our Investing With Michael newsletter about investing in New Swiss Bank Account.

The traditional safe haven refuge for storing money used to be Switzerland. And that’s because the Swiss franc was backed by gold. But today, Switzerland is no longer a safe haven for money, as the franc is just another fiat currency.

In fact, the Swiss banking system is only the 16th safest in the world right now. What about the U.S.? Well, that’s only the 40th safest.

The nation I’m going to tell you about has the safest banking system in the world. By investing in these New Swiss Bank Accounts, investors could get yields north of five percent. To give you some perspective, the yields of U.S. Treasuries are hovering at round two percent.

And with these New Swiss Bank Accounts, not only do you get cash payments better than Treasuries, but you could also get total returns exceeding 44%.

It’s a place that offers both safety and high returns.

So, where is that place?

It’s not based in the Caribbean, Asia, or Europe.

It’s a nation with a financial system that is the “envy of the world,” according to The Guardian.

Paul Volcker, the former Federal Reserve Chairman, has gone on record praising this nation’s banking system.

You also get privacy. This nation ranks nearly the same as Switzerland in banking privacy, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Not only are these “bank accounts” backed by gold and silver resources, but they are also backed by timberland and mineral wealth.

You can feel safe knowing your money is backed by precious metals and other valuable commodities.

I’m talking, of course, about Canada.

Investing in New Swiss Bank Accounts

According to a CNBC report, a New Swiss Bank Account in Canada is “the only relative safe haven…in the event of a U.S. default” on its ever-increasing debt obligations.

The reason is that these “bank accounts” are financially sound, resource-rich, and backed by a sound currency.

For example, Canada is a place where those who need a mortgage to buy a home need to make a significant down payment.

Over 50% of the homes in Canada have no mortgage. Of the other half, non-first-time home buyers need a minimum 25% down payment to get a mortgage in Canada

As The Wall Street Journal reported, “Canadian banks are faring far better than their U.S. and European counterparts…with their more prudent lending standards.”

The best part is, unlike bank accounts in Switzerland—which are complicated and cumbersome to open—opening a New Swiss Bank Account is easy. It takes only 30 minutes, and you can open a New Swiss Bank Account starting with as little as $49.00.

You put your money into a special “bank account” based in Canada. It’s 100% legal, and can be accomplished using your normal brokerage account.

Note that opening a New Swiss Bank Account is not opening a regular bank account at a Canadian bank, such as a savings account. Nor is it buying a guaranteed investment certificate or certificate of deposit from a Canadian bank. It’s also not buying Canadian Treasury bonds.

We have put together a research report, titled The New Swiss Bank Account: How Canadian Safe Haven Investments Pay You 5.1% Every Year on Top of 44% Returns. In this report, you will find out the names of the top two new Swiss bank account companies in Canada today, why you can expect your New Swiss Bank Account to grow in value, and how to open your New Swiss Bank Account.

To learn more about these New Swiss Bank Accounts, I urge you to watch this free video.