AMZN Stock: Donald Trump Delivers Blunt Message to’s Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos vs Donald TrumpJeff Bezos vs. Donald Trump

The Donald Trump campaign apparently keeps a list of people who have tried to steal the GOP nomination from him. The list of enemies runs long, but one name was particularly surprising: Jeff Bezos, the CEO of, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN).

Aside from running the world’s largest online retailer, Bezos is also a bit of a media baron. A few years ago, Bezos bought The Washington Post using $250 million from his personal fortune. He also owns a stake in Business Insider.

Trump thinks the Amazon founder is using his publications to influence the presidential race. He explained the theory to Sean Hannity on Fox News. (Source: “Trump: Bezos using ‘Washington Post’ to protect Amazon monopoly,” USA Today, March 13, 2016.)

“Every hour we’re getting calls from reporters from the Washington Post asking ridiculous questions,” Trump said. “In many cases they have no proper information.” (Source: Ibid.)

According to Trump, the Amazon founder is using the Post “like a toy” and “for power so that the politicians in Washington don’t tax Amazon like they should be taxed.” (Source: Ibid.)

Whether or not the allegations are true, Amazon and Jeff Bezos should probably try and make peace with Trump. Becoming his enemy is a really bad idea.

All of Trump’s 16 opponents in the presidential race have dropped out. They’re off handing out resumes for other jobs because Trump demolished their dreams of becoming president.

Trump’s campaign team is even taking revenge on the consultants who tried to sabotage his presidential run. They’re known as the #NeverTrump movement. (Source: “Trump campaign eyes #NeverTrump blacklist,” Politico, May 13, 2016.)

Rumors are spreading that those consultants will not be getting contracts with the GOP for a long, long time. The freeze-out could start as early as the Republican National Convention in July. That’s where Trump will officially win the nomination.

“The Never Trump vendors and supporters shouldn’t be in striking distance of the RNC, any of its committees or anyone working on behalf of Donald Trump,” said a Trump campaign official. (Source: Ibid.)

It’s not a coincidence that all of Trump’s enemies get smacked out of the spotlight. Bezos should remember that if he wants to preserve some dignity.

Image source: Flickr; Image copyright 2011, Gage Skidmore