Bernie Sanders Pushes For $15 Minimum Wage But Won’t Pay Staffers That Much

Bernie Sanders
Image by Marc Nozell

Bernie Sanders wants to raise the Federal minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. But the Vermont senator feels no need to pay his own workers that kind of cash.

Several hundred protesters joined the Democratic presidential candidate outside the U.S. capitol building last month to demand an increase to the minimum wage. In a speech to attendees, Sanders announced he was introducing legislation to raise the Federal minimum wage nationwide to $15.00 per hour—more than double its current level of $7.25. (Source: Bernie Sanders condemns ‘starvation’ pay at rally to raise US minimum wage, July 22, 2015.)

“In the richest country on the face of the earth, no one who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty,” he told the crowd. In his view, employers paying less than $15.00 per hour to workers are paying “starvation wages.”

Sanders’ concern for his own staffers is more limited, as the Media Research Center points out. On the senator’s own website, the self-described socialist flatly explains that he pays his own interns only “$12 per hour”.  “Interns,” the page continues, “are responsible for their own housing near their employing office.” (Source: Bernie Sanders – United States Senator for Vermont, last accessed August 3, 2015.)

United States Senator for Vermont

(Source:Bernie Sanders – United States Senator for Vermont, last accessed August 3, 2015.)

Sanders, of course, isn’t the only liberal who fails to practice what he preaches on the minimum wage issue. In 2011, the left-wing Huffington Post was sued by a group of unpaid bloggers after founder Arianna Huffington sold the website for $315 million. (Source: Bloggers sue Arianna Huffington after ‘being treated like slaves’, April 13, 2011.) And late last year, a Seattle Marxist party had the audacity to advertise for a website manager position that only paid $13.00 per hour. All the while the party openly advocated for a $20.00 minimum wage. (Source: Socialist Party Pushing $20 Minimum Wage Defends $13-An-Hour Job Listing, October 18, 2014.)

Sanders’ push for a higher minimum wage is just one part of his broader agenda. The senator hasn’t released his full tax plan yet. But in previous interviews, Sanders has called for raising the tax rate on top earners to 50% as well as more than doubling capital gains tax rates.

This might only be the beginning. In an interview on CNBC, John Harwood asked Sanders if a 90% top marginal tax rate was “obviously too high?” to which Sanders replied, “No.” (Source: Bernie Sanders Asks if American Economy is ‘Moral’, May 26, 2015.)

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