BOOM: Shock Poll Shows Donald Trump Could Crush Hillary Clinton

Donald TrumpDonald Trump Is Closing In

Contrary to what you hear from mainstream media outlets, Donald Trump actually has a clear path to the White House. Hillary Clinton is much weaker than previously thought.

For instance, a recent poll showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup.

According to a Rasmussen poll, Trump and Clinton would tie if voters had the option of staying at home on election day. However, if that option were removed, the real estate mogul would edge out the former secretary of state by two points. (Source: “Trump 41%, Clinton 39%,” Rasmussen Reports, May 2, 2016.)

It is the first time Trump has led the matchup since last October. Voters are growing skeptical of Clinton as scandals pile up outside her doorstep. Despite having the entire liberal media on her side, she is still the most disliked Democratic nominee ever.

Some of the most dedicated Clinton fans are still in denial about her chances. They are pretty quick to point out that presidential elections don’t function on a popular vote…it’s the Electoral College that matters.

But things look bad for Clinton on a state-by-state basis as well. All Trump needs for a victory is every state that Mitt Romney won back in 2012, plus a few swing states.

You all remember Mitt Romney, the card-carrying RINO who let Barack Obama win a second term as president. Romney had nowhere near as much charisma as Donald Trump.

He also couldn’t run an anti-establishment campaign like Trump is running because, well, Romney was the establishment. He was chosen by the party elites, the big donors, and the corporate wing of the Republican Party.

It won’t be hard for Trump to cover the same ground as Romney. He can even make inroads into blue and purple states.

Trump has a groundswell of support, even in states that Democrats usually dominate. According to recent polls, he is unbelievably close to Hillary Clinton in three important states.

In Pennsylvania, where the Union was founded, Trump only trails Clinton by four points. (Source: “2016 Pennsylvania President: Trump vs. Clinton,” HuffPost Pollster, last accessed May 10, 2016.) That is a shockingly narrow divide considering that Trump had to dispatch 16 rivals in order to secure the GOP nomination. Clinton only had to deal with two, one of whom hasn’t yet quit.

Trump is also behind by just three points in Florida, the state that famously split the 2000 election between George Bush and Al Gore. (Source: “2016 Florida President: Trump vs. Clinton,” HuffPost Pollster, last accessed May 10, 2016.)

And in Ohio, he is only down by one point. (Source: “2016 Ohio President: Trump vs. Clinton,” HuffPost Pollster, last accessed May 10, 2016.)

These polls should have every liberal in America crying their eyes out. If Trump moves the needle in those three states, while keeping the ones Romney won in 2012, he will be President Trump come January.

Of course, the general election hasn’t even begun yet, but no one expected Trump to be polling this well.

As he’s said many times, his message during the GOP primary was tailored for conservatives. But these numbers suggest he’s resonated with independents too.

Those numbers still have plenty of room to climb once Trump adopts a softer tone in the general election. If this trend continues, Hillary Clinton may have to start looking for another job.

Image source: Flickr; Image copyright 2011, Gage Skidmore