Carl Icahn Explains Why Donald Trump is Right for America in 60 Seconds

Donald TrumpU.S. Elections 2016: Donald Trump is Right for America, Says Carl Icahn

Donald Trump should be President of the United States and is the only candidate who can save America. At least, that’s the opinion of billionaire investor Carl Icahn.

In a much-anticipated video titled, “Danger Ahead: A Message From Carl Icahn,” the renowned financier and shareholder activist weighed in on the U.S. elections and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. In Icahn’s view, political dysfunction has badly damaged the U.S. economy. Donald Trump, he argues, is the only candidate with the tenacity to turn this country around. (Source: Carl Icahn, last accessed September 30, 2015.)

Here are a few snippets from Icahn’s discussion. They have been lightly edited for clarity.

“At the risk of being immodest, I probably have one of the best records on Wall Street working on broken companies. Companies with great potential that just have problems. Many times, [it’s with] management or what management is doing. Our country is in that position right now.


And just look at our record. Thirty years without tax reform, thirty years without immigration. And as a result, you have a movement towards a guy like Donald. Because you want a guy that’s not beholden to an establishment. We need a president who can move congress, and I think Donald Trump could do it. I might disagree with him on a few issues, and would like to talk to him some more. This is what this country needs.

Political infighting and the unwillingness, or perhaps inability, of congress to push through necessary reforms requires strong leadership. In other words, a confident leader who does not feel the need to tiptoe around the various competing interests in Washington is exactly what’s needed to cut through the smog choking the American political process.

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One obvious problem is the carried interest tax loophole, which Trump has promised to eliminate. This regulation allows hedge fund managers to claim their income as a capital gain, which is subject to a much lower tax rate. While the loophole is popular on Wall Street, it shifts more of the tax burden onto middle class and poor households.

“Teddy Roosevelt was great. He stood up to JPMorgan. Where do we get a guy like that? Donald, of all of them, maybe he’s brash. But he’s willing to say what he believes. He’s willing to say, ‘Hey, this is complete bull.’

The middle class guy who’s making $50,000 a year realizes I’m being taken advantage of. He can read. He can understand. In czarist Russia, they had to have a revolution. The czar would take out the machine guns and mow them down. All these guys have to do is vote. We need government to get out of this gridlock. To get out of this dysfunction.

A lack of confidence in the establishment is the first step towards a fundamental shift in the American political system, and Carl Icahn sees Donald trump as the best choice to bring about that change.

You can watch Icahn’s full video here. His commentary on Trump begins at 1:37.

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