Donald Trump: Here’s What the Liberal Establishment is Missing

U.S-ElectionCapitalism; love it. But sometimes there is just too much choice. My local grocery store has over 125 different types of frozen pizza! Really? Clearly there are some favorites out there. There are also far too many niche pizzas that appeal to only a handful of consumers. That’s enough to temporarily keep the brand afloat but not enough to matter.

The same can be said for American politics. So far, 37 individuals have declared their intention to run as a Republican Presidential candidate. Most of us would be hard pressed to name the majority of them even with the help of a picture.

There are some clear frontrunners. But even that is misleading. Donald Trump leads with support from 24% of Republican voters. Jeb Bush is running a lethargic, meaningless distant second at 13%. The gap between first and second is so massive that Trump can’t even see Bush in the rear-view mirror of his limo. (Source:, August 18, 2015.)

The fact of the matter is; American voters know garbage when they smell it. Jeb Bush, the man born with a platinum spoon in his mouth whose father and brother were both President of the United States claims to be a “self-made man” whose last name doesn’t matter.

Who could possibly believe that? Jeb Bush is so out of touch with the average American, it defies logic.

Donald Trump is a different story. Sure he’s a billionaire, but he resonates with the average American. He’s a no-nonsense, charismatic leader who tells the voters what they want to hear and never apologizes. This is politics. And surprisingly, no one plays the game better than Trump.

The most recent polls show us that Americans are fed up with the way they are being represented in Washington. They are tired of insiders who have spent decades living a decadent life off the taxpayer. They are also tired of politicians who walk on eggshells, afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. This is not what voters see when they look at the wispy comb-over of Donald Trump.

When it comes to the economy, 45% of Republican voters say they trust Trump more than any other Republican candidate. That’s up 25 points since June! On top of that, 44% say they trust Trump over the others on illegal immigration—up 30 points since June. And 32% trust him most when it comes to handling ISIS.

What about Jeb? Only eight percent of Republicans think Bush would be good for the economy; 12% think he would be the best person to handle illegal immigration; and 16% will stand behind him when it comes to fighting ISIS.

There are plenty of other reasons why American’s love Trump. He’s not a fan of Saudi Arabia and thinks abortion should only be available under certain circumstances. As for Mexico, Trump thinks it should pay for a border wall between the two countries. Not only that, he thinks countries in the Middle East should pay to be protected by the United States.

Check, check, check, and check.

Trump is a businessman and would run the country as if it were a business. And that’s why it pays to be a Washington outsider. As Americans, we idolize business leaders who have climbed to the top. Sure, Trump came from money. But he wouldn’t deny that coming from money helps. And that having a famous last name doesn’t hurt either.

Honesty is the best policy.

The fact is, we love narcissistic business leaders and believe they are best suited to lead the country. Donald Trump is a businessman-turned-politician who exudes self-confidence, dominance, a sense of entitlement, grandiosity, and (for better or worse) little to no empathy.

Who else in the GOP field does that? Come to think of it, which Democrat contender does that?

While it’s possible Trump may not be able to sustain this lead, his shoot-from-the-hip, tell-it-like-it-is approach connects with the average American voter. And having the most people like you is how you win an election. No one seems to get this more than Donald Trump.