Poll: Donald Trump Leading GOP Republican Primaries With 24% Support

Donald Trump Leading GOP Republican
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Despite widespread predictions that his campaign would peter out, Donald Trump continues to widen his lead over other GOP candidates in the Republican primaries.

According to the latest poll by a CBS News poll released on Tuesday, August 4th, Trump has widened his lead over other 16 GOP contenders. The poll gives Mr. Trump nearly a two-to-one advantage over his closest rivals Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. (Source: CBS News poll: Donald Trump leads GOP field in 2016 presidential race, August 4, 2015.)


Candidate Support
Donald Trump 24%
Jeb Bush 13%
Scott Walker 10%
Mike Huckabee 8%
Ted Cruz 6%
Ben Carson 6%
Rand Paul 4%
Marco Rubio 6%
Chris Christie 3%

(Source: CBS News poll: Donald Trump leads GOP field in 2016 presidential race, August 4, 2015.)

Unlucky Rick Perry came down at the 11th stage, followed by Carly, while Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham round out the field with less than two percent.

Other polls also confirm the real estate mogul’s surging support. Trump topped the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls released on Sunday with a 19% lead among GOP voters, followed by 15% for Scott walker and 14% for Jeb Bush. (Source; The Wall Street Journal, August 3, 2015.)

Trump’s popularity continues to surge in national polls. And it has surprised Americans.

With this, there’s one main issue; does Trump have enough cash to keep up with other candidates who are backed financially by the Super Pacs and wealthy contributors?

Unlike the other 16 Republicans, Trump has repeatedly said he has enough independent wealth to fund his campaign. Therefore, he has no intention to raise money from wealthy donors and other special interest groups.

The next big test for Trump will be the first FOX News debate scheduled for Thursday. The presidential hopeful has been lowering expectations for the first debate, saying “I’m not a debater” nor interested in “throwing punches” to other GOP candidates. (Source: abcnews, last accessed August 4, 2015.)

“These politicians, I always say, are all talk no action. They debate all the time,” Trump told ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on This Week on Sunday. “I don’t debate. I build. I’ve created tremendous jobs; I’ve created a great company.”

All told, over the past many years, many candidates came up with high poll numbers prior to national debates. Sadly, they were not able to maintain their leads for long.  Political analysts will be watching to see if Trump can maintain his lead after appearing on national stages.

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