Poll: Donald Trump Leads Republican Presidential Race

Image by iprimages

According to the latest national poll of GOP voters, real estate mogul Donald Trump is leading the 2016 pack ahead of the first debate next week.

Based on a Reuters/Ipsos poll, Trump is leading the crowded field of Republicans by 25%, followed by the former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, who only has 12% of the support. (Source: Reuters, July 30, 2015.)

Trump is also on top of the latest Quinnipiac poll with 20%, surpassing all of the GOP candidates in the field. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is next at 13% while Bush follows at 10%. (Source: Quinnipiac, last accessed July 30, 2015.)

Trump continues to surge in key districts as well. Among New Hampshire voters, Trump holds a sizable edge in the Monmouth University Poll with a 2-to-1 edge over his nearest rival Jeb Bush. The same poll suggests Chris Christie, Scott Walker, and Ted Cruz may be most hurt by Trump. (Source: Monmouth University, last accessed July 30, 2015.)

A few months back, no one could imagine that Donald Trump would lead the Republican field. Even two weeks ago when Trump made harsh comments about the military service of Senator John McCain, the party’s candidate in 2008, many expect that it’s over for him. Shockingly, the poll suggested a huge boost for Trump despite his latest.

It appears that Trump’s train is unstoppable. Many Republicans across the country are scratching their heads on how to stop Mr. Trump’s surge.

Republican establishments have shown their disputes to many of Trump’s remarks. Over the past few years, after two consecutives losses to democrats in the race to grasp the White House key, republican strategists have been trying to attract some Latino voters as well as black voters. But Trump’s latest remarks on Mexican immigrants seemed to ruin the party’s efforts.

The Republicans political establishment is not very worried about the primaries, but they are extremely cautious about the general election. Why is that? Nearly all the poll numbers suggest that in a head-to-head match-up against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, she’d defeat him by a double-digit margin.

Everyone is excited to watch next week’s FOX News debate. Candidates who are in the top 10 of the 17 Republicans in the national polls can participate in the debate.

As of July 31st, with the release of the latest national poll numbers, John Kasich replaced Rick Perry in the number 10 spot. The participants are; Donald J. Trump with 19.4% on top, Jeb Bush at 13%, Scott Walker at 11.7%, Marco Rubio at 6.2%, Rand Paul at 5.9%, Mike Huckabee at 5.3%, Ben Carson at 5.2%, Ted Cruz at 5.1%, Chris Christie at 3.1%, and John Kasich at 2.1%.

Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal are just on the outside with two percent, while Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham round out the field with one percent.

It would be interesting to see how the reality TV host could entertain his audience without being challenged successfully on the substance of policy. Other candidates are also looking to impress voters to boost their poll numbers.