Donald Trump Twitter: Donald Trump’s Top 10 Twitter Moments

Donald Trump TwitterTweets made by Donald Trump, the Republican presidential frontrunner, have stirred controversy long before he had announced his candidacy back in June. Trump has long been active on the world’s largest micro-blogging site, producing more than 31,200 tweets since he joined in 2009. The Donald Trump Twitter account has approximately 6.8 million followers, though he follows only 43 users, including Sean Hannity and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

Here are Donald Trump’s 10 most popular tweets with total retweets and likes:

1. On Gender Separation

Retweets: 4.9K; Likes: 3K

2. No to the Establishment, Yes to the Movement

Retweets: 7K; Likes: 24K

3. Preventing Muslim Immigration

Retweets: 4.8K; Likes: 7.8K

4. We Will Build a Wall and Mexico Will Pay

Retweets: 5.2K; Likes: 16K


5. Dopey Prince Alwaleed

Retweets: 9.7K; Likes: 12K

6. I’m not a Mitt Romney

Retweets: 8.6K; Likes: 24K

7. China to Blame

Retweets: 26K; Likes: 15.6K

8. Stupid Politicians

Retweets: 0.4K; Likes: 0.6K

9. Obama Worst U.S. President

Retweets: 9.3K; Likes: 23.7K


10. Hillary Totally Flawed

Retweets: 6.9K; Likes: 16.8K