Here’s Why Donald Trump Will Win the GOP Republican Primary

Donald Trump Will Win the GOPDonald Trump’s surge in the GOP primary race has dramatically altered the political landscape, leaving former party stalwarts and the Washington establishment struggling to catch up.

In the first national poll since Trump garnered criticisms from Republican leaders over his comments on Senator John McCain’s military service, the television celebrity has increased his support among GOP voters. A CNN poll published Sunday showed Trump leading with 18% support among Republican voters, representing a six point increase over the previous month. (Source: CNN/ORC poll: Trump elbows his way to the top, July 26, 2015.)

Only former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker are holding on, with 15% and 10% of GOP voters respectively. None of the other 14 candidates tested in the survey could register double-digit support.

More importantly, Trump’s support carries over into key districts. An NBC poll of New Hampshire voters, also released on Sunday, showed Trump owning 21% of Republican support. Bush and Walker trail at 14% and 12%, respectively. (Source: NBC/Marist Polls Show Donald Trump Running Strong in Iowa, NH, July 26, 2015.)

Among Iowa Republicans, Walker is leading the race at 19%. Trump, however, is only narrowly behind at 17%. Bush follows them at 12%, then Ben Carson at eight percent, Mike Huckabee at seven percent, and Rand Paul at five percent.

If You’re Betting Against Donald Trump, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

You can bet the cogs in Washington are choking on their lattes this morning while they wait for the Amtrack. Where are these numbers coming from? How can a baboon like Trump compete against political chess players like Bush and Clinton?

Because Trump is playing three-dimensional chess. Or at least, he’s flipped the table, declared himself the winner, and started throwing pieces at his opponents. Either way, it’s effective.

The question is; why has the political establishment been so wrong on Trump? What in the world is going on? There are two things I’ve been saying since his campaign kick-off last month.

One, people are angry. They don’t trust the government. While bureaucrats in Virginia enjoy gold-plated pensions and job security for life, the rest of the country is in a populist mood.

How many times have we seen polls showing Congress’s approval rating in the single digits? About a third of the country wanted to stay with the King of England during the revolution. It’s no exaggeration to say that the King would have received a warmer reception during a parade through the colonies in 1776 than Congress does today through the Main Streets of America.

Where do you think that anger goes? It goes to the guy who says, “Yeah, buddy! I’m angry, too!” They don’t agree specifically on what he’s angry about. They just like that he’s angry.

What else do voters want? The nerd squads in Washington have to learn this every election cycle, but it’s obvious to anyone without a 202 area code. People crave a strong leader.

When you see Trump versus the other guys in the GOP field, who really looks stronger? Lindsey Graham? Bobby What’s-His-Name?

“A number of my competitors for the Republican nomination have no business running for president,” Trump wrote in USA Today. “I do not need to be lectured by any of them.” (Source: Trump: I don’t need to be lectured, July 19, 2015.)

Donald Trump has barged into this race like a less sexy Chris Pratt on a motorcycle fighting through a field of dinosaurs. I’m a billionaire. Mexicans are the problem. I’d be an awesome president. You don’t agree with me, who cares? Take a hike!

And if you think the other GOP candidates are weak compared to Trump, just wait till he’s up against the poor, poor Democrats. [Puts on whiny, high-pitch voice] “Oh, golly gee. I don’t know.” [Whimpers] “I mean, sometimes the world is a complicated place. We have to weigh the pros and cons of each decision.”

They’re constantly apologizing and apologizing. Which side do you really think voters are going to side with? The whiny nerds? Or the strong leader?

They’re going to go with the strong leader, even if he’s as clownish and ridiculous as Donald Trump. That’s why Trump’s winning. It’s not hard to figure out. And while the Washington establishment scratches their heads at the station this morning, the Trump train is already pulling out.

Next stop: the general election.

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