Donald Trump’s Immigration Strategy Could Win Him GOP Primaries

Walker and Bush Join the Donald Trump BandwagonOne of Donald Trump’s more contentious Presidential platforms is his call to deport all anchor babies and their parents. The term anchor babies refers to the idea that children born in the United States to non-citizens (and more often than not, illegal aliens) are automatically American citizens. When those kids grow up and turn 21, they can—ta da—sponsor their parents for citizenship.

Let’s just get it out of the way. Many people find the term “anchor baby” offensive. But the fact of the matter is; the American voter loves sound bites. We also love basic terms that get the point across. Anchor babies happens to be one of them. Just like welfare babies and illegal aliens. Or, the long forgotten latchkey kids.

So I’m using anchor babies until a better term comes along. And it has to be catchy. I don’t want a 10-word term. Anyway, to the rising swells of Republican voter approval, Trump’s desire to clamp down on illegal immigration is gaining popularity.

Initially, virtually everyone was calling him out on it. The liberal media decried that they aren’t anchor babies; they’re human beings (yes, I know, it’s a catchy sound bite)! Even Bill O’Reilly weighed in on the matter, telling Trump the Constitution’s 14th Amendment enshrines birthright citizenship.

Trump however insists the Constitution does not grant citizenship to anchor babies. I’m guessing Trump would vaguely assert (if this was an episode of Law & Order) that you cannot benefit from criminal activity.

If you enter the United States illegally and have a child here, you did so illegitimately and cannot benefit from that. Ergo, you should not be able to become an American citizen simply because you managed to say you were visiting San Diego for the day and then got lost in the crowd for 21 years.

Admittedly, it’s easy to pick on anchor babies, because i) they can’t vote and ii) neither can their parents.

Again, not a popular platform for some Republican Presidential hopefuls and virtually every Democrat, but it is gaining traction. And not just on Main Street.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Donald Trump must be blushing. The man everyone wrote off as a knee jerk, wispy haired, sugar daddy, President Wannabe continues to confound Washington lifers as he connects with everyday Americans from coast-to-coast.

Sensing their hopes fading, Presidential hopefuls like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, both of whom have the bland personalities of oatmeal and demeanours of a cardboard cutout, have merrily jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon.

With their approvals falling, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has said he agrees with Trump’s stand on anchor babies. Not to be outdone in the dull political arena, Jeb Bush, the less successful, younger brother of George W. Bush, straddles the fence and says that while he supports granting American citizenship to the children of immigrants, the policy needs “greater enforcement” to prevent “abuse.”

Whatever that looks like.

It’s tough to peg down someone like Jeb Bush. Not because he’s so wily but because he’s just so inconsistent. Two years ago, Bush sat on the advisory committee of the Hispanic Leadership Network which sent out a memo on the dos and don’ts on immigration. Using the term anchor baby was a no-no.

Donald Trump, being no slouch, tweeted recently, “Jeb Bush signed memo saying not to use the term ‘anchor babies,’ offensive. Now he wants to use it because I use it. Stay true to yourself.” (Source:, August 21, 2015.)

Indeed; stay true to yourself. Unfortunately, that’s going to make it difficult for out-of-touch Presidential hopefuls to win.