GOP Republican Primaries: Will Donald Trump Be a Great President, or the Greatest President?

GOP Republican Primaries: Why Donald Trump Will WinAs expected, last week’s GOP Republican primaries debate had no shortage of exciting moments, and one man of course took center stage.

Donald Trump didn’t just steal the show; he pulled off a media victory not seen since the Clinton administration. But let’s turn to a quick recap of the debate itself.

Florida Senator Marko Rubio had a strong night, as did Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. While neither Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker nor Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made any serious errors, their collective charisma was lacking.

That’s the kind of attitude we need in today’s increasingly soft diplomatic atmosphere. When the Chinese president starts getting presumptuous and talking tough, I’d rather have Trump meeting his steely gaze across the negotiating table than an anxiety-ridden democrat. He is the very embodiment of America: strong, self-assured, and unapologetic of his inherent greatness.


But some commentators can only focus on their own twisted interpretation of events.

The big criticism of course comes from Trump’s surprise disclosure that in the event of his not winning the Republican nomination, he’s not excluding the possibility of running as a third-party candidate. The logic behind this of course is that given Trump’s popularity, this would split the republican vote and essentially hand the democrats a victory.

This would make sense in a normal situation.

What the masses of this morning’s soft-handed liberal press don’t understand is that Trump has and will continue to defy all rational analysis. The sooner they stop applying traditional notions of political analysis to his campaign, the better. It’s not enough that the man is playing a strategic game of three-dimensional chess; he’s rewriting the rules of the game itself.

If this were a drag race, the fumes from Trump’s V8 Mustang would be choking his contenders as they try to keep up on their fixed-gear bikes.

The traditional platitudes expressed by presidential hopefuls were conspicuously absent from Trump’s unadulterated messages. Overly complex analyses coming from multiple perspectives? The Donald has no time for such things. Political correctness? A system invented by emotionally unstable liberals to shackle the brilliance of those who refuse to have their words filtered.

Last night’s debate taught us one thing, and one thing only.

A man who stares down the entirety of our well-salted politically-correct establishment and doesn’t blink is a man you want at the helm of the free world.

Mark my words; he’s going to be one of the greatest presidents this nation has ever seen.