Hillary Clinton Twitter: Hillary Clinton’s Top 10 Tweets

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential frontrunner, is less active on Twitter compared to Donald Trump, the top Republican presidential hopeful. However, Clinton, who joined the micro-blogging site in 2013, four years after Trump, has amassed 5.7 million followers and produced about 5,000 tweets. She may still be far behind Trump’s 31,000 tweets and 6.8 million followers, but Hillary Clinton’s tweets are not dull as you may think!

Here are her 10 most popular tweets:

1. 112 Reasons Why We Need Hillary

Retweets: 0.7K; Likes: 1.4K

2. Americans Need Incomes Raise, Not a Tax Hike

Retweets: 1.1K; Likes: 2.5K

3. Strong Economy? Thank A Democrat.

Retweets: 0.7K; Likes: 1.6K

4.Women Need a Champion in the White House

Retweets: 1.2K; Likes: 2.5K

5. Muslim Americans: This Is Your Country Too

Retweets: 8.8K; Likes: 14K

6. You Can’t Defeat Terrorism by Chest-Beating

Retweets: 1.3K; Likes: 2.1K

7. Gay Rights and Human Rights Are Inseparable

Retweets: $3.9K; Likes: 4.8K

8. Israel Safer with Iran Deal

Retweets: 0.7K; Likes: 1.7K

9. President Obama Unquestionable

Retweets: 2.5K; Likes: 4.9K

10. Let’s Take On Trump

Retweets: 4.9K; Likes: 6.6K