President Obama: A Hypocritical “Environmentalist”

Obama Lacks IntegrityPresident Obama’s recent trip to Alaska to tout his climate change strategy accomplished at least one thing. It proved he is the most hypocritical environmentalist out there. And his critics make their disdain for his policies well known.

President Obama has, for lack of much else to champion, been making every effort to position himself as the Environmental President. Earlier this year, he unveiled his Clean Power Plan which is designed, in part, to cut emissions from power plants. Meaning a move away from coal power to more wind and solar generation. (Source:, September 10, 2015.)

In a recent video address, Barack Obama cited the health benefits of reduced air pollution from coal plants and how we owe it to future generations to create clean power rules. (Source:, September 10, 2015.)

But, if actions speak louder than words, President Obama is an environmental hypocrite who plays the role of the unskilled politician a little too well. I enter his take on the oil industry as evidence.


Everyone knows that Keystone XL, a proposed pipeline that will carry 830,000 barrels of oil per day and create 9,000 jobs in the U.S., is loathed by Democrats, environmentalists, and Hollywood alike. (Source:, September 10, 2015.)

The overall impact of Keystone, they say, would be detrimental to the environment, impact climate change, and would be of little benefit to the country. President Obama vetoed a bill that would have approved construction of the last leg of the pipeline back in February; only the third time this POTUS has shot down a bill passed by Congress.

“I am returning herewith without my approval […] the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act.” He went on to chastise Congress for undermining the process of determining whether a cross-border pipeline serves the national interests of the U.S.” (Source:, February 24, 2015.)

The interests of the U.S.? What the…? There are already 70 operating oil and gas pipelines that cross the U.S.-Canada border. Each day, those pipelines carry three million barrels of oil that would otherwise have to be transported by tanker trucks, ship, or rail. (Source:, September 10, 2015.)

For someone so concerned about the air we breathe, transporting three million barrels of oil per day by truck would mean adding more than 15,000 long-distance truck trips every day. The fact is; pipelines are safer than any other mode of transportation.

And in March of 2012, our forgetful President approved the Southern portion of the Keystone pipeline extolling the virtues of job creation and prosperity. “Today, I’m directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucratic hurdles, and make this project a priority, to go ahead and get it done.” (Source:, March 22, 2012.)

What does our environmental President do to show us he’s serious about wanting to keep our land, air, and water safe? With the world awash in cheap oil, Obama has decided it makes sense to give Royal Dutch Shell permission to start drilling for oil in the pristine waters of the Arctic.

Fear not! Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Director Abigail Ross Hopper said the tentative approval was granted after consideration of “significant environmental, social and ecological resources.” This along with Shell meeting tougher restrictions to prevent spills and leaks. (Source:, May 18, 2015.)

Somehow, it’s environmentally safer to start a new multi-billion barrel project in the Arctic than ship oil through a pipeline. A pipeline spill can be contained. An oil spill in the ocean really can’t.

Cleary the U.S. needs oil and new sources of oil. And oil from a safe country like Canada shipped to us through tested and true pipelines sounds like a good idea to me. Better than relying on an oil company to promise us it’s going to do its best to prevent spills.

I’m sure this is exactly what BP and Exxon Mobil said the day before the Deepwater Horizon exploded and spilled 210 million gallons into the Gulf of Mexico. Or what Exxon said just before the Exxon Valdez collided with a reef and spilled 10 million + gallons of oil into Prince William Sound.

Environmentalists don’t drill for oil in the Arctic. But our hypocritical President does. And I’m not the only one that takes side with his hypocrisy; when Obama visited Alaska last week to tout his environmental platform, a salmon spawned on his shoes. See video here. (Source:, September 3, 2015.)

Word gets around.