Ron Paul Delivers a Reality Check to Americans on Government Snooping

Ron Paul Supports AppleRon Paul Supports Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is in a feud with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Some advocate Apple’s stance; others oppose it. Former Congressman and Libertarian Ron Paul is very clear on which side he stands.

In a heated interview with Trish Regan of Fox News, Ron Paul made a very vocal argument in Apple’s support. Upon being asked if he was on the side of the tech companies, the former congressman said, “I think the tech companies right now are on the side of liberty. They’re on the side of the people who would like to have their encryption protected.” (Source: “Ron Paul Says Apple ‘on Side of Liberty’ in Phone Feud With FBI,” Fox News, February 18, 2016.)

In response to Regan’s repeated grilling, Ron Paul said, “More people should look at this like a second amendment. You know the second amendment is there to protect us against tyranny and against our government.”

As Paul reiterated, “The government doesn’t have the right to snoop on us constantly.”


Upon getting badgered for supporting Apple’s stand against the government, Ron Paul explained, “This is telling Apple they have to produce a program that deactivates something that they have built into the system for millions and millions of people that the people want and paid for. So this is different than a simple subpoena and a simple a search warrant.”

“They want the lock and the key to do this eternally on everybody.” Ron Paul reminded viewers, “The encryption is there to protect the people against illegal snooping and to honor the constitution.”

Bear in mind that Apple is resisting the FBI’s demands to hack into the San Bernandino shooter Syed Farook’s “iPhone.” According to Apple, the FBI is demanding a “key” to the iPhone’s encryption code that will open a backdoor channel. As a consequence, Apple users will face the risk of privacy invasion in the future.

The heated interview concluded with Trish Regan accusing Ron Paul of supporting the terrorists, to which Paul responded, “This is all done to design and control and magnify the size of the federal government and undo the Constitution. They’re doing a very good job. And it’s all done out of fear and innuendo.”

Ron Paul is not the only one supporting Apple. Heads of virtually all the big technology companies have come forward in support of the company, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter.

You can read Apple’s stance against the FBI’s demand here.