Ron Paul Delivers Reality Check to Donald Trump Supporters

Ron Paul Lashes Out at Donald TrumpRon Paul Calls Donald Trump a “Bully” and “Fraud”

Media mogul turned presidential candidate Donald Trump may be riding high on the polls, but Ron Paul thinks he’s nothing more than a fraud whose popularity is attributable to his empty political rhetoric against the establishment, when in fact, he is an “establishment candidate.”

The libertarian activist, known for his blunt criticism of anti-libertarian government policies, lashed out at Trump in one of his latest videocasts. (Source: “Donald Trump: The Establishment Candidate,” Ron Paul Liberty Report YouTube channel, December 18, 2015.) According to Paul, Trump is using fear mongering in order to gain people’s trust, posing as their ultimate savior.

“[…] The people, even with justified concerns and skepticism of government, are attracted to the notion that government should provide more security, both economic and physical, and that sacrificing liberty in the process is required. Unfortunately, too many Americans see this as a necessary trade-off. They are wrong! Deliberately sacrificing liberty should never be an option.

“[…] The people cry out to be made safe and well fed and looking for a strong leader to provide for them. There are few requests for liberty. Donald Trump provides an alternative to those seeking more efficiency in government, who want someone to take on the establishment that has brought havoc to our political and economic system.


“[…] the frightened masses are flocking to this decisive leader, believing he will protect and take care of them. Trump’s agreement with the current establishment is never mentioned…”

Paul is seen warning Americans of Trump’s political antics. He poses a rhetorical question to his listeners, asking how Trump, who has not once criticized any of the government’s questionable policies, is any different than those in the current establishment. Paul believes that Trump is “only advocating a different management style” of the same anti-libertarian government policies.

“[…] He never advocates an ideological position but portrays himself as a strong, efficient boss for the people. He forcefully promotes an authoritarian type of government. Trump is a bully! Not a physical bully—a verbal bully. And that is combined with the overblown fears generated by the possibility of violent attacks against us. In reality, Trump, in spite of his bombast, is a fraud!

“[…] The politically correct crowd has met its match and even the media have been unable to silence ‘the Donald.’ It’s great entertainment—a money-maker for the media and Trump is in his glory. But the fact that the Trump campaign doesn’t challenge the philosophic backbone of the current system means nothing much will change.

“[…] His simplified speech is this: ‘I’m Donald Trump, I’ll take care of you. I am the boss. I’ll tell you what to do. Trust me.’ There’s never a mention of liberty. For a true revolution to occur to challenge the current system, we need a leader to offer liberty as a solution.”

The libertarian Ron Paul says that Trump’s foreign policy will beget more hatred towards the country. Paul believes that the only way to counter Trump’s demagoguery and beat him is to bring him to discuss the real issues at hand.

You can watch the full commentary here.