Ron Paul Has Incredible Reaction to Obama’s New Offensive in Libya

Ron PaulRon Paul: Say “No” to American Interventionism

Former Congressman Ron Paul is strongly critical of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy in the Middle East, particularly U.S. intervention in Libya. In fact, Ron Paul took a strong position against the U.S. government’s latest offensive in Libya.

In his weekly column for the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, the libertarian activist vehemently condemned the U.S. government’s bombing in Libya: “Instead of bringing Libya democracy, U.S. intervention brought Libya ISIS. So now the U.S. has to go back and bomb Libya some more to take care of ISIS.” (Source: “Intervention Fail: Back to Libya,” Ron Paul Institute, February 21, 2016.)

“Logic tells us you cannot do more of what caused a problem and expect it to fix the problem,” reiterated Paul.

According to Paul, the government’s initiative will do more harm than good. Paul pointed out, “Hundreds of thousands have been killed in the last 15 years, societies have been broken apart, economies have been destroyed, and property has been flattened. There are no success stories.”


He continued, “The neocon plan to remake the Middle East has only succeeded in destroying the Middle East. As a consequence, we are far less safe than before the ‘war on terror’ was launched.”

Ron Paul criticized the government for not putting their actions behind their words: “The United States has made a habit of lecturing other countries about the need to follow the rule of law, yet this seems to be a matter of ‘do as we say, not as we do’,” said the libertarian.

Paul stressed that U.S. interventionism has been a complete failure in the Middle East region. He called for the Americans to take a stand against the government’s interventionist policies.

He urged, “Intervention has failed. It is time to stand up to the neocons and their liberal interventionist collaborators and say ‘no more!’”

The U.S. government bombed Libya on Friday using targeted drone strikes. According to the authorities, the attack was carried out on an ISIS camp that killed about 50 militants including a wanted IS leader. The interim government in Libya objected to the U.S. government’s intervention and called it an attack on the country’s sovereignty.

Ron Paul says, “they have a point.”

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