Ron Paul Has Incredible Reaction to Paris Terror Attack

Ron PaulRon Paul Challenges Reaction to Paris Attacks

Ron Paul is not happy about France’s response to the Paris attacks and he won’t stay silent. As the rage, pain, and desire for revenge continue to burn in the West, Dr. Paul thinks we should all take a breath and let cooler heads prevail.

Since the city of Paris suffered six coordinated terrorist strikes on November 13, France has stepped up its military presence in the Syrian civil war. President Francois Hollande declared war against ISIS, the Da’aesh group claiming responsibility for the attacks.

Bombs follow bombs into a descending spiral of violence that never seems to end. As a consistent advocate for peace, ex-Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke out against the military action almost immediately.

In an essay on his web site, Dr. Paul made a strong case for the U.S., France, and other Western allies to step away from the Middle East. He points to significant evidence that suggests military intervention in Iraq was responsible for many of today’s problems. (Source: “Paris and What Should Be Done,” Ron Paul Institute, November 15, 2015.)


In fact, Paul questioned the basic premise of the underlying Western strategy in Syria. The stated goal of Western powers like the United States and France was to remove President Bashar Al-Assad from his post.

“The overthrow of Assad has also been the goal of both the U.S. and France since at least 2011,” wrote Ron Paul. “The French in particular have been very active in arming even the more radical groups in Syria, as they push for more political influence in the region.”

The basic thrust of Paul’s argument is that interfering in the domestic affairs of another country invites danger at home. He emphasizes the point that while the attacks were horrible, their roots can be traced back to earlier intervention.

The only way to prevent further attacks is to engage in peaceful and productive trade. Stop sending troops overseas, stop arming “moderate” rebels, and stop trying to impose democracy on countries that may not be ready for it: those are some of the solutions Dr. Paul has for the trouble brewing in the Middle East.

Maybe Try Trade, Says Ron Paul

Rather than bomb other countries, Dr. Paul suggests we try to establish commercial relations instead. The nuclear deal with Iran presents a perfect model for that strategy, he says. By ending the U.N. sanctions on Iran, France and the United States could form partnerships with Iran that were positive for both sides.

“More bombs will not solve the problems in the Middle East,” wrote Paul. “Trade and respect for national sovereignty trumps violence, but Washington still doesn’t seem to get it.”

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