Ron Paul Perfectly Sums Up the Problem with Donald Trump

Donald TrumpRon Paul: Here’s the Issue with Donald Trump

Donald Trump supporters praise the GOP presidential candidate’s business credentials, but former Republican congressman Ron Paul says they should be careful what they wish for.

Sarah Palin returned to the political scene last week with an endorsement of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. A master of “the art of the deal,” Palin explained Trump is exactly the type of candidate America needs.

“He is from the private sector—not a politician,” she told a cheering crowd of thousands at a rally in Iowa. “Can I get a ‘Hallelujah’!” (Source: “Sarah Palin’s speech endorsing Donald Trump in full,” Independent, January 20, 2016.)

But while a business background is often celebrated in conservative circles, Ron Paul isn’t so sure. In a video response last week, the Libertarian activist argued there’s little crossover between the private sector and government. (Source: “Myth-Busters: Why Are Christians Being Persecuted Now?Ron Paul Liberty Report, January 22, 2016.)

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“There’s a big difference.

The people you’re responsible for in a business are the owners, the stockholders, and the customers. In government, no matter how much of a business background you have, it’s entirely different because you are beholden to the special interests—the people who have influence on government. That’s quite a bit different.

We continually hear this: get a businessman to run things. As a matter of fact, for businesspeople to be successful, [they] are very authoritarian. Some people think that is necessary to government, but actually what we’re looking for is somebody to be very firm in conviction and preserving liberty. Not somebody who is authoritarian and wants to run the country like they run a big business.”

Ron Paul admits that while private sector experience can be helpful, Donald Trump’s business track record isn’t even that impressive.

As Ron Paul continues…

“Trump wants to run it [the government] like a business, but he’s not infallible.

He’s had four major bankruptcies. It’s been pretty devastating. [He’s] been bailed out with easy credit and got by with it. But what happens if he was running the country and made a few big mistakes? Well, it’s just not his four businesses that go bankrupt that he salvages. He has the whole country suffer from bad judgment. That is a big problem.

[…] How can they put so much confidence in when you take somebody who is fallible, and we’re all fallible, and put them in charge of even more?”

You can watch the entire video here.