Shock Poll Shows Donald Trump Closing in on Hillary Clinton

Trump and ClintonTrump and Clinton Matchup 2016

The “lamestream” media was shocked last week when Donald Trump landed only five points behind Hillary Clinton in a national poll. Well, that lead is now down to two points, meaning that Trump is gaining ground… No wonder the liberal establishment is furious!

A Morning Consult poll puts Clinton at 42% to Donald Trump’s 40%. The numbers should come as a blow to so-called pundits who claimed Hillary would trounce “The Donald” in a head-to-head matchup. (Source: “2016 General Election,” HuffPost Pollster, last accessed May 17, 2016.)

With 17% left undecided in that poll, there seems to be plenty of room for the race to swing either way. Normally, one poll isn’t anywhere near conclusive, but the Morning Consult poll came almost immediately after the weekly NBC News/Survey Monkey poll.

Voters were asked, “If the 2016 presidential election were being held today among the following candidates, for whom would you vote?” Their only options were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Although Clinton nabbed 48%, Trump was close at her heels with 45%. Compare those numbers with the previous week’s, when the same poll had Clinton at 49% and Trump at 44%, and it’s clear that the momentum is in Trump’s favor.

What was interesting was that seven percent chose not to respond in both weeks. That must mean that Clinton is growing more unpopular, but Trump is converting independents to his side. He’s already crushing Hillary Clinton 44% to 36% with independents.

Considering that Trump has six months to capitalize on this momentum, his chances at winning the general election have never looked better. He could set the stage for a landslide victory by simply moving the needle in a few key states.

According to recent Quinnipiac polls, Trump is only down by a handful of points in key battleground states. That includes Florida (behind three percent), Pennsylvania (down four percent), and Ohio (just one percent behind).

The numbers don’t lie. I think it’s time for the mainstream media to accept that Donald Trump is inches away from becoming the next president of the United States.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons