Super Tuesday Polls: This Shows Donald Trump Could Win the GOP Nomination

Donald Trump Could Win GOPSuper Tuesday Polls Show Trump Victory

If Super Tuesday polls are accurate, the GOP establishment may have to accept Donald Trump as their new leader. That’s right, folks—if Trump sails to victory in the March 1 Super Tuesday primary, his path to the GOP nomination looks clear.

Trump has dominated the media spotlight after entering the race last summer. Establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio tried to dethrone the real estate mogul, but their attacks have failed to dent his campaign.

After losing Iowa to Ted Cruz, Trump went on to win New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada. Now he has turned his attention to the Super Tuesday primary, in which 11 different states vote on the same day.

Here’s who the polls suggest will win each state:

Tuesday Primary Polls

As you can see, Trump is set to win all but two states. Cruz may win his home state, but he’s unlikely to take all of the 155 delegates it has to offer. According to Texas voting rules, a candidate needs more than 50% of the vote to make it a winner-take-all situation.

Since Cruz isn’t quite there, Trump could still end up winning a chunk of the delegates. Barring a significant change of events, the polls suggest that Trump could walk away from the Super Tuesday primary with an insurmountable lead.