Super Tuesday Primary 2016: Can Bernie Sanders Find a Win?

Can Bernie Sanders WinCan Sanders Win the Super Tuesday Primary 2016?

Bernie Sanders has already achieved the impossible by making it to the Super Tuesday Primary. When he announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential election, no one really believed he could topple Hillary Clinton.

That, of course, was before he almost won the Iowa Caucuses. Sanders followed up that surge with a huge victory in New Hampshire, winning the state by more than 22%. He then lost Nevada by only five percent. Considering that black and Hispanic voters lean heavily toward Clinton, Sanders was expected to lose by a much wider margin.

But he surprised analysts once again. Sanders made significant headway with Latino voters, but he has yet to loosen Clinton’s grip on the black community. Hillary developed strong ties with those voters during her husband’s stint in the White House.

Now she’s looking to ride their coattails to the Democratic nomination. Black voters represent a key weakness in Sanders’ voting base. He’s shown enormous appeal among millennials and middle-income white voters, but his support among blacks is stagnant.


The gap is especially dangerous right now. By all accounts, Clinton is on the verge of a huge lead that could clear her path to the general election. Here are the upcoming polls.




Texas 59.9% 33.6%
Georgia 63.8% 25.5%
Massachusetts 45.7% 46.3%
Virginia 54.5% 35.0%
Minnesota 54.5% 28.5%
Colorado 27.0% 55.0%
Tennessee 53.0% 30.0%
Alabama 59.0% 31.0%
Arkansas 57.0% 28.5%
Oklahoma 45.0% 36.0%
Vermont 9.5% 84.5%
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