This Has Republicans Furious at George Soros

George SorosGeorge Soros Donates $700,000 to John Kasich

George Soros is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into Republican primary contender John Kasich’s campaign, outraging conservative voters and pundits.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, Soros Fund Management has donated $202,700 to Governor Kasich’s presidential campaign. Scott Beset, who served as George Soros’ chief investment manager until late 2015, donated $200,000. Stanley Drukenmiller, who currently manages $2.0 billion of Soros’ hedge funds, has also been a large benefactor. (Source: “Soros Has Given Kasich $700,000. Why?The Daily Wire, March 21, 2016.)

In total, George Soros, personally and through surrogates, has donated more than $700,000 to Governor John Kasich’s campaign. The disclosure has outraged conservative voices that have long been skeptical of Soros’ influence in American politics. Republican media outlets, including Breitbart, Glen Beck, and Life Site News, criticized Kasich’s decision to accept donations from the billionaire investor.

The move is likely part of George Soros’ broader push to open American borders. In 2013, CBS reported Soros’ Open Society Foundation had given $100 million to “immigrant rights” projects. He has been a major benefactor for groups like Amnesty International, Immigration Equality, and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. (Source: “Soros Boasts of Spending $100 Million on U.S. Immigration Reform Push,” CBS, March 22, 2016.)

John Kasich is a logical choice on the Republican side to push for these views. In previous cases, the former governor has called current immigration laws and the deportation of illegal immigrants inhumane. Kasich has also pledged that he will enact amnesty within the first 100 days of his hoped-for presidency.

George Soros’ influence in U.S. elections will likely grow. Soros has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to left-wing groups in America under the guise of the Open Society Foundation. Beyond immigration, Soros has also successfully pushed other liberal agendas, including tougher gun control, tighter environmental regulations, and government funding for student loans.