Alan Greenspan’s revenge plan to put America back on top… use it to make yourself a personal fortune!

Greenspan has a way for us out of this mess. But he’s keeping it very quiet.

The mess I’m talking about is the total economic collapse I believe we here in America are facing.

You see, interest rates cannot be much lower than they already are. In fact, Greenspan has already lowered interest rates 13 times in a row… to their lowest level in about 40 years.

In the past, interest rate cuts have spurred the economy. And I’m very worried that the rate cuts haven’t helped the economy this time around.


Seeing that the rate cuts didn’t work, what does Greenspan do to get economy going?

He floods the system with cash. The money supply is being expanded at the alarming rate of about $2 trillion annually.

I’ve never really seen anything like this before. Greenspan has Americans flooded in a sea of cash liquidity. He also has lowered interest rates to the lowest level in about 40 years.

Greenspan is doing all he can to get the economy moving again. More money in the system and low rates mean consumers can borrow to make big-ticket purchases. They can borrow to invest.

And loads of liquidity is often associated with a higher stock market, which is what we are seeing right now. Consumers see stocks rising and they start to feel good again about their retirement plans. So they psychologically get in the spending mode. We’ve already seen what low interest rates can mean for the housing market.

Same for business. If rates are low and cash is amply available, business has more incentive to borrow for and invest in capital expenditures such as plants and equipment. This is supposed to create more jobs.

Yes, the stock market is rising again, for now. But the economy continues to be stuck. We’ve lost almost three million American jobs so far and we can’t get them back! In fact, only in the last month or so have we seen any life on the job market.

And we’ve got another big problem– our debt is out of control and it’s getting worse.

American corporations have total debt outstanding of $4 trillion.

The U.S. budget deficit for 2003 is estimated at $455 billion, a record. The previous record was the deficit of $290 billion back in 1992, eleven years ago.

The U.S. budget deficit for 2004, as estimated by the White House, is $475 billion.

Current U.S. government debt is about $7 trillion.

Total U.S. debt of all kind (consumer, business, government) is estimated at $38 trillion.

The Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, really has no choice but to keep interest rates near zero and the money printing press running so we can carry all this debt.

I’ve never seen as much debt out there as exists today. On the other hand, I don’t remember seeing so much easy money either (high money supply, low interest rates).

I truly believe Greenspan has a master plan that will resolve our economic problems once and for all. But before I reveal it to you, I want to tell you about our beloved Fed Chairman.

Greenspan will retire soon. Books have been written comparing Greenspan to the “second coming.” There are people out there who think he is a genius. I’ll be darned if Greenspan is going to retire and have historians look back ten or twenty years from now and blame him for our big economic mess.

Greenspan won’t let it happen. And that brings me to his master plan.

Greenspan has an underlying motive behind the huge amount of liquidity in the system and the low interest rates.

I believe Greenspan may attempt to devalue our currency severely. In fact, I’m convinced that is precisely what the most powerful money man in the world is doing as we speak.

He won’t actually come out and tell people this. And I may be crazy to think it. But, I see the tremendous and powerful positive ramifications of a lower U.S. dollar.

I believe this is Greenspan’s big plan. And you can literally make a fortune by helping Greenspan on this plan.

We are running a trade deficit of about half a trillion American dollars per year. Wouldn’t it be great to make good on that deficit with dollars that are worth less and less?

Look at all the foreigners that own American real estate. They can’t afford to sell when our dollar continues to fall in value because they are getting less and less back in their currency. Good way to keep our real estate market up, Dr. Greenspan.

Then look at all the goods we import each year. At some point, the exporting countries (like Europe, China, Canada and others) will see profits turn into losses because they are getting back less and less in their currency for what they sell to Americans. They’ll be screwed. They took our American jobs away& and we are going to get them back!

Look at the Canadian example. When the Canadian dollar was on par with the American dollar (about 20 years ago), the Canadian economy was in the tank. Worse than ours is today! The early 1980s saw lending rates reach 20% in Canada. Businesses were closing daily.

But twenty years later, the Canadian economy is a powerhouse. Can you believe the Canadian government is running a positive surplus year after year?

How, you ask? The Canadian dollar fell to be worth only 65 cents to every American dollar, and the Canadian economy became a machine… One huge machine making goods and shipping them to the United States. In fact, 85% of what Canadians produce is now are shipped to the U.S. The Canadians found the price point of their currency at which foreigners became big buyers of their goods.

Just imagine if we did the same with our currency. That’s why I believe the devaluation of our dollar is the real hidden agenda in the Fed’s actions.

And one last thing we haven’t talked about.

Most small foreign governments use the American dollar as their reserve currency. In other words, their dollars are backed by American dollars. The same way the U.S. Federal Reserve used to hold gold to back up the American dollar, hundreds of small countries hold American dollars in their reserves to back their currency.

So what would happen to those hundreds of countries if our currency was devalued?

Simple. They would be in a heap of trouble. They would likely have to abandon the American dollar as their reserve fund (which would send our dollar down even more).

So there you have it. Greenspan’s big plan.

Now, I’m going to tell you how you can easily profit on the coming collapse of the American dollar.

In fact, it’s easy because:

You don’t need big bucks to get it. You can invest as little as $1,000. Or if you are big player, there is no limitation. You can never lose more than what you invest (one of my golden rules of investing).

Time is on your side because this investment sits there patiently. Every time our dollar falls, your money goes up in value.

But you don’t have to sell. You can wait patiently. Just watching your investment rise and rise in value… and you can get out whenever you feel your profits are enough.

What kind of profits are we talking here?

Well, let’ get one thing straight. We are not talking double-digit returns. We are talking returns of 100%, 500%, even 1,000% as Greenspan devalues our dollar against other world currencies!

Our dollar is already down 40% against the euro. And investors have gotten filthy rich from it! A 40% decline is like a 400% profit to currency traders because of the large amount of leverage.

Remember George Soros? He almost broke the Bank of England when he bet against the British pound… and walked away with a cool $1 billion in profits.

I’ve prepared a special report for you called “The Revenge-to- Riches Strategy: How You Can Make a Fortune with the Greenspan Plan.”

You’ll get the full scoop on making a fortune on Greenspan’s secret plan to devalue our currency. This kind of opportunity comes around only once every few years or so. So timing is of the essence!

This is a specific report written that my knowledgeable staff and I wrote. You’ll know exactly what investment to buy… how to open an account if you already don’t have one… what to say to your broker… or what specific symbols to enter if you use an on-line broker.

Greenspan’s set it all up for you. You may only be one phone call to your broker or one click on your computer mouse away… from making a hugely profitable trade!