Every day, I sit at my computer writing about the financial markets and how my readers can either make money or protect what they have by following my monetary thoughts and predictions.

With today being Columbus Day in the U.S. and Thanksgiving Day in Canada, I thought this would be an appropriate time to take a momentary break from the financial markets to look at what we’ve achieved here in the Americas. Not so many hundreds of years ago, a fellow by the name of Christopher Columbus discovered what would eventually become North America.

A lot has happened since Columbus made his discovery of the New World in 1492. Fast forward almost six centuries, and on this coming November 23rd, America will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. In Canada, they’re celebrating Thanksgiving today. There’s a lot to say “thank you” for since the time when Columbus discovered this beautiful continent.

As an economist and a financial forecaster, I give my thanks for the freedom I have to express my thoughts every day. I can write about what I think the Fed will do or won’t do, and I can praise or criticize different levels of government. I can actually make money following the actions of the Federal Reserve, all while spreading the good word of wealth and moneymaking with investments to my readers. This is a freedom I don’t take for granted.


In many countries, the freedom we all have here, the freedom I personally enjoy thanks to my natural born rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, just is not possible. In many countries, you simply can’t say what you think. And you certainly can’t spread the word about what you think to other people.

Yes, stocks will go up and stocks will go down. Gold, real estate, the U.S. dollar, and other forms of investment will all rise and fall in time. I have the pleasure of writing to you every day, expressing my thoughts about the markets and hopefully directing you to protect your wealth or increase your wealth successfully.

Today, I’m taking a break with our Canadian neighbors to reflect and to give thanks. Happy Columbus Day to all our American readers and Happy Thanksgiving to our many Canadian readers.