Top Real Estate Stocks Down 11% in Past Five Trading Days… Your Turn to Profit Big!

It’s already starting.

Over the past five trading days, the big new-home stocks like Pulte, Toll Brothers, WCI, and Beazer Homes are all down between 8.7% and 13%. Does it mean the real estate frenzy is finally over? More importantly, how can you profit big from this event in the marketplace?

While we won’t know for sure until we see more action, you can bet your last dollar on this:

As the real estate market starts to slow down (or maybe even collapse because of sheer buyer exhaustion), there are several stocks that will plummet in price, delivering you profits of 100% or more!

You see, the big real estate companies did it to themselves once again… they’re over-leveraging themselves just like they did 20 years ago. They bought raw land, borrowing from banks and lenders like mad, hoping to one day develop that land into houses.

But the housing market is now starting to cool, as evidenced by the collapsing new-home builder stocks. That means overleveraged home builders will get caught with expensive land inventory that they may not be able to unload.

Look at how fast the most popular home builder stocks have fallen in the past few trading days: WCI Communities is down 12.8%, Pulte Corporation is down 8.7%, Toll Brothers is down 13%, and Beazer Homes is down 9.9%–and the trouble hasn’t even hit the proverbial fan yet in the real estate market.

But all the signs of an end to strong property prices are there:

— The Philadelphia Housing Index has now broken decisively below its 50-day moving average. (This is technical analysis lingo that basically says this popular housing index is moving down quick.)

— Last year, 2.82 million Americans bought a second home, setting a new record. In the U.S. today, about 36% of all homes purchased are being bought for either investment or vacation use. That’s a very high number!

— All the major home builder stocks have topped out and are coming down.

— Finally, Greenspan made it very clear this past Tuesday when he raised interest rates for the 10th time. Interest rates are going up fast–and that’s the real killer for consumers carrying too much mortgage debt–bad news for the housing market.

The million-dollar question:

If the big home builder stocks are falling fast… if the housing market is cooling… how can we make money from the changing tide in the realty market?

Before I get to that answer, I’d like to share a very important insight with you:

For the American real estate market to collapse, we don’t need a big shift in property prices to happen, we only need a minor correction. Why? Because American consumers are so overleveraged that even a slight cooling of the property market could cause them big problems.

Unfortunately, many home buyers went with interest-only loans when they bought or refinanced. That means they are paying interest payments only every month. And in California, about one-third of all new home loans are interest-only!

With the help of the PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL staff, I’ve just completed a new special report called, “Three Ways to Profit from the Coming Real Estate Collapse.” In this special, hot-off- the-press report, I’ll specifically show you how to profit big from the changing real estate marketplace. What are the three ways investors can profit from a real estate market collapse?

This is what I have for you:

— For Average Risk Investors: The three most overleveraged new-home builder stocks listed on the NYSE. When the housing market starts going south, these stocks will fall like rocks. Why? Because they are the most overleveraged new-home builder stocks in the group. Soft demand for their homes will cut off desperately needed cash flow–money needed to make debt payments every month. I’ll show you how to short these stocks successfully even if you’ve never shorted before. It’s really easy. 100% profit potential with each of these three stocks!

— For Average Risk Investors: The three stocks that go up when real estate goes down. How could that be, you ask? These three stocks go up when real estate goes down because they have the best value mortgages in the marketplace. If the customers of these companies cannot meet their mortgage payments, these companies, that have issued first mortgages only equal to a conservative 70% of appraised value, take back the properties and resell them for more profit. You want to own these three companies.

— For High Risk Investors: The four real estate stock put options you should continuously own. It’s all quite simple–real estate goes down in value and these put options jump up in value. And if you’ve never bought put options before, you’ll find it very easy, because I’m going to show you exactly how to execute your trades! Profit potential here is four times your money!