A Company Worth Mentioning

I have to mention Evergreen Solar Inc. (NASDAQ/ESLR). I first brought this company to your attention back in July — has it ever done well since!

More importantly, this company is a great example of the kind of wealth creating, innovative enterprise you want to own in a speculative equity portfolio.

Evergreen Solar is in the business of manufacturing solar panels that create energy. A good portion of the company’s recent stock market success has been due to high oil and gas prices. While oil and gas prices were going up big time, the market was equally interested in anything “clean energy”-related. The timing is right for Evergreen Solar in all aspects of analysis.

The company actually went public on the NASDAQ in late 2000, right when the broader market was collapsing. For a development- stage company generating significant losses, the timing couldn’t have been worse. The company hit the market selling three million common shares of stock at $14 per share, raising about $42 million to develop its business.

At the time, the company’s quarterly product revenues were running at just over $100,000 per quarter. Quite frankly, the company’s ability to raise $42 million with under $500,000 per year in revenues was extraordinary. There’s no question that the investment community was awash with cash at the time of the company’s initial public offering.

The company’s success at developing its unique solar panel technology, and its subsequent revenue generation, has been remarkable. Evergreen Solar’s stock price reflects this success, but, in my mind, I think this is just the beginning for the company.

This company is successful scientifically, financially, and as an equity investment. Despite all the hype, there are really very few of these types of companies out there.

If you are interested, take a look at this company’s track record. Read its press releases from the last five years. The company serves as an excellent model for a successful investment. Evergreen Solar is truly an innovative company with the resources (and good timing) to become a very large corporation.