A Doctor’s Surprise Cure for Your Most Annoying Health Hassles!

Have you ever wondered why doctors never get sick? I have, so I turned to Dr. Richard M. Foxx, M.D. of 40 years, for some answers. When Dr. Foxx shocked me with his response, I asked him to share his surprise cures for the most annoying health problems with my readers. Here’s Dr. Foxx’s surprise:

If someone were to ask me what my greatest medical secret is, I wouldn’t hesitate a second before telling them that the single greatest medical secret is how doctors stay so healthy for so long. I’m not talking about the standard advice doctors give in public or the drugs they recommend. I’m talking about what they do for themselves in private to maintain their health.

Think about it. After all, who else sees so many sick people and knows what works and what doesn’t work?

Nowadays, we all know that most doctors prescribe drugs or recommend an operation without a second thought. That’s their business-this is how they make a better-than- average living and run their practice. Sometimes their advice may help their patients. But, that’s not my point.

So, what do doctors do for their own health? When considering his/her own medical concerns, a doctor’s profit motive is no longer there-so it’s simply a matter of doing what he/she believes is truly best to repair their health. It probably won’t surprise you when I tell you that almost 50% of doctors today use supplements- and that percentage is literally soaring.

As one of Michael Lombardi’s medical advisors, I have arranged for you to receive a “The MD Wellness Handbook” with my compliments. This handbook tells you how doctors manage to stay healthy and how they personally avoid the most troubling illnesses of our modern world. It’s the first time the public has ever seen this private publication.