A New Market Opens for Foreign Investment

Abu Dhabi. We’ve discussed this area before as a developing international investment market. Recent legislation is attracting foreign investors to put their money in the early stages of a growing real estate market.

 Now, the oil-rich region is even easier to invest in, thanks to the change in law that allows foreigners to own 100% of businesses in certain zones for the first time in the economy’s history. In the past, the business and investment opportunities available in the United Arab Emirates were kept under lock and key, unavailable to entrepreneurs and investors around the world.

 Over the next seven years, however, global analysts expect the area to attract $160 billion in investments. Abu Dhabi aims to become less dependent on oil and petrodollars and add 18 industrial parks to add to the economy. The already wealthy region is anticipated to grow steadily over the next decade.

 After the death of United Arab Emirates Founding President Sheikh Zayed last year, new leaders in Abu Dhabi are now well on their way to changing the economic destiny of the region. Individual and corporate investors are expected to jump at the opportunities, and the growth potential of businesses and properties in the region may be worth a closer look.