Penny Stock Pay Day

The penny stock gold rush is making investors rich again with actual 3-month gains of 470%… 585%… and 640%!

Remember how excited Wall Street was at the beginning of the recovery as the indices finally headed up? For the 6 months following the March 2003 lows, the…

DOW was up 31% S&P 500 was up 32% NASDAQ was up 49%

The bulls were snorting, stomping the dust and asking, “How great is this?”

I’ll tell you how great it is: It’s not good enough! No way, not even close. You can do much, much better.

Even at their best, those kinds of gains won’t even come close to making back what most people lost in the three-year bear market. And besides, Wall Street pundits are now predicting that for the next 3 to 5 years the market is likely to turn in the kind of 12% to 15% growth that’s been the average over the past 50 years.

But, you can get out of the slow lane! You’re about to learn why it’s smart, savvy investing to ditch some of your lumbering blue chips.

Do it now and you can still make all those dreams come true!

I’m going to introduce you to a market-proven system that will give you incredibly accurate early-warnings on the penny stocks now in the final countdown to explosive liftoffs!

Penny stocks and small-caps have been beating the pants off of the DOW and the S&P 500! And that’s not going to change.

Just compare the Russell 2000 Small-Cap Index for the same 6 month period. The Russell 2000 Index beat the DOW by 106%! It was up 64%. And the Russell 2000 represents an average. We’re not the least bit interested in average stocks!

Penny stocks and small-caps have been tearing up a storm with spectacular profits like these:

Real Media, up 640% Tripath Tech, up 585% Genaera Corp., up 470% Intrusion Inc., up 315% Media Resources, up 314% Mission Resources, up 310%

Therma-Wave Inc., 308% Charter Comm., up 283% InterVoice Inc., up 276% MasTech Inc., up 269% Centennial Comm., up 267%

These are just a few of the big winners for that period. There were tons more!

What do all these stocks have in common? I’ll tell you what: You won’t find a single one of them listed on the DOW or the S&P. They are all small and virtually unknown penny stocks and small-cap companies.

But don’t just buy any of the current best performers& it’s too late for them. I’ll put you on to the next penny stock superstars!

My name is Mitchell Clark and I am the editor/stock-picker behind the “Penny Stock Reporter,” the #1 most successful investment advisory devoted exclusively to penny stocks.

My job is to alert you to only the penny stocks that are going to yield a 100% to 200% or better profit and do it before the trading price begins to rise!

I don’t bother with “average” stocks. I’m only searching for explosive gains from my picks. Just look at recent winners that many subscribers to “Penny Stock Reporter” have already made a killing on:

ATI Tech., up 150% VSM MedTech., up 168% TTM, up 356% MEMC Electronics, up 251% Select Comfort, up 354%

I want to show you how my market-proven, secret “RPS” system will absolutely empower you to outperform this recovery.