Great Investment Opportunities

There’s a whole bunch of neat little companies in this stock market that make great products and are in solid growth mode. I’ve never really thought about it much, but, I guess I’m a growth stock investor. Value is always a relative thing and I feel much better about investing in a company that’s growing by leaps and bounds.

Yes, it’s hard to determine an appropriate valuation for a company’s expected growth, but that’s part of the risk involved with stock market speculation.

This neat little company, Inc. (NASDAQ/SC/DIET), is in the business of customizing diets and nutritional information for its customers. The company is growing and it just announced plans to launch a new health food delivery service.

The company has a track record of success and is now transitioning from being a super-small, struggling entrepreneurial venture, into a full blown growth stock. I just admire this company’s tenacity.

Another exciting company on the stock market is Finisar Corp. (NASDAQ/FNSR). This company designs and manufacturers fiber optic components and the stock is super hot right now. This company has been in the doldrums lately, but its business has now turned around with the recovery in the telecommunications industry.

Speculating on turnaround situations is risky, but if you get a winner, it can pay handsomely.

Finally, there’s TTI Team Telecom (NASDAQ/TTIL). This micro-cap Israeli company makes great software for telecom companies and it too is riding new spending in the entire telecommunications industry.

Over the last year, the stock rose slowly, but surely. It looks like it might just keep on with its current trend.

All I can say right now is that there are all kinds of great investment opportunities in this marketplace. If you look beyond the daily economic news, there are some great investment gems out there in which to consider.