Great New Investment Opportunities Occur in Waves

I’ve been writing for quite some time now that attractive new buying opportunities in this stock market are few and far between. It isn’t that there aren’t growing companies out there; only that they have already gone up in price and are expensive.

I’ll say it again: Great new investment opportunities in the stock market tend to occur in waves. I can’t prove it scientifically, but this has been my experience over many years of picking stocks.

Fortunately, there are some great companies out there that distinguish themselves as great business operators and solid wealth creators.

One such company is Mindray Medical International Limited (NYSE/MR). This newly listed Chinese company is firing on all cylinders and in my mind, offers the right package for speculative investors.

Mindray Medical develops and sells medical devices in China and other countries. Based in Shenzhen, this company sells a broad range of products across three main segments: patient monitoring devices, diagnostic laboratory instruments, and ultrasound imaging systems. The company listed on the New York Stock Exchange in September of 2006.

Mindray Medical sells its products mostly to distributors, hospitals, clinics, government agencies, original design manufacturers, and original equipment manufacturers. Mindray Medical has 29 sales and service offices in China, as well as offices in Boston, Istanbul, London, Mumbai, Seattle, and Vancouver.

In its latest quarter, the second quarter of 2007, the company generated record revenues of $73.8 million, representing growth of 57% over the comparable second quarter of 2006.

Non-GAAP net income grew a whopping 69% to $23.0 million. GAAP net income was an impressive $20.6 million. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about many Chinese companies, it’s that they tend to be extremely profitable (when they are profitable).

The company also raised its full-year 2007 revenue and earnings guidance in its latest financial press release.

Finding a successful enterprise in which to invest is a difficult process in the stock market. I think Mindray Medical offers all the right attributes that a speculative investor might be looking for. In a turbulent market, I think this company will rise above the crowd.