Investing with Michael

When I launched “Investing with Michael” in the summer of 2004, I had no idea the service would become so popular with our customers.

But looking back, it should have been no surprise.

Readers like you were following my columns in PROFIT CONFIDENTIAL and wanting more specifics. In particular, they wanted to know where I was putting my own money for growth.

That’s where the idea for “Investing with Michael” came from, a simple two-page report I issue about once a month where I tell you what exact investments I’m making with my own money. What I’m buying, what I’m selling.

Now mind you, I don’t make many investments because I’m not a trader, I’m an investor. I take only one or two major positions every 12 months because I’m looking for big gains from well- researched investments.

The first two stocks I picked when writing “Investing with Michael” have gone up 73% and 115%.

So all of a sudden, the $2,000 I was asking for “Investing with Michael” is not a lot of money anymore because the service is making its exclusive, small group of investors loads of money.

I’m limiting circulation of “Investing with Michael” to only 100 people because I don’t want to “move” the market when I make a buy or sell.