Keep and Eye on This Stock

If there’s one company (and industry) that I really like for the next two decades, its Fuel-Tech N.V. (NASDAQ/FTEK). The pollution control business is really booming and there is a lot of innovation going on within this industry.

From my perspective, the pollution control business could surpass the alternative energy business in terms of investor enthusiasm over the next decade. Despite all the advances being made in the production of cleaner energy, the vast majority of the world’s energy production comes from dirty plants.

This is why business for Fuel-Tech N.V. is booming. This innovative company is actually based in the Netherlands, but maintains significant operations in the U.S. and around the world. The company’s main business is the sale of nitrogen oxide (NOx) reduction technologies, which help reduce NOx emissions in flue gas from boilers, incinerators, furnaces, and other stationary combustion sources. Fuel-Tech’s main customer base is industrial and utility power-generation facilities.

Of course, one of the problems associated with a successful company is that the stock market tends to reward this success very quickly. Accordingly, shares in Fuel-Tech have already gone up significantly over the last twelve months. Now the stock is expensively priced.

So, the best way for an individual investor to participate in this kind of situation is to wait and watch the stock on a consistent basis. Even the most successful companies have down trends on the stock market. Investor sentiment and market psychology become much more important when you are trying to take on a position in a stock that’s already been a great success.

Patience then is key in this kind of situation. Be patient, and keep the stock on your watch list. You might have to follow the stock for a whole year before an attractive entry point might present itself.

All this time effort can be worth it, however, because in my experience, successful companies tend to remain that way.