New stock picking service delivers 1,900% gain in 4 days

Just over a month ago, I sent you a special e-mail alert about a new stock picking service we developed that shows you how to profit when companies go public with a little-known “backdoor” strategy.

One of our very first recommendations was made just this past October 14th when we advised buying Cyberkinetics at a paltry $00.15 a share. Four days later, we advised selling the stock… at its new price of $3.00… an explosive gain of 1,900% in only four days!

Just in case you didn’t get my previous e-mail on our “Reverse Takeover Profit Hunter,” I’ve sent it again to you below. Right now, this service is delivering our best stock market gains… and I was to ensure you have the opportunity to enjoy these big profits too. Here’s that profit breaking e-mail again:

Dear Reader:

Remember when there used to be one to five attractive IPOs a week?

And thousands of investors regularly made a killing on them?

Well, if you’ve noticed, there’s now hardly an IPO a month — let alone a good one. So what happened? The IPOs of a few years ago have been replaced by a process that is unknown to 90% of all investors… Reverse Takeovers.

As an investor, if you follow where the money goes in the market — here it is — in reverse takeovers — the new IPOs of today.

For investors like you, right now there is an enormous opportunity to expand and increase your portfolio with a reverse takeover strategy!

If you are interested in a new place to grow your money, I’d like to quickly explain something:

There are three official ways a company can “go public.” One is issuing securities in an offering or transaction. A second is registering a company and its securities with the SEC and/or regulators.

The third is conducting a reverse takeover of a public shell company. This strategy is becoming more and more popular because it also happens to be easy, fast, and very lucrative for everyone — including individual investors like you.

And in the pages of our monthly newsletter, “Reverse Takeover Profit Hunter,” we’d like to show you how they could make you a five-figure profit by trading with them.

Few investors, and I mean very few, know about this opportunity.

Recently, motivational guru Tony Robbins used a reverse takeover to build on to his multi-million-dollar empire.

Muriel Siebert, the first woman to purchase a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, did it too.

And it has been said that both Ted Turner and Armand Hammer started their companies as reverse mergers.

All these stock values went through the roof due to a reverse takeover:

— Voice Power Tech went up 1,800%!

— CyCo.Net made investors a 1,344% profit!

— Grey Wolf skyrocketed for a 1,588% profit increase after its reverse takeover!

— Harbourton Financial climbed rapidly for a 1,066% investor profit!

— Scarab System earned investors a profit of 1,190%!

— SK Technologies made investors a nice, quick 400% profit!

— FCCC Inc. rose 389% in less than a month!

There are countless other examples of companies that have taken the reverse takeover route and made fortunes for their shareholders.

PowerCerv Corp. was trading for six cents in early January 2004. Yes, six cents! When a reverse merger was announced four months later, it shot to 99 cents. A 1,550% increase!

Recom Managed Systems was worth only $3.75 before a reverse merger bumped it up to an astronomical $26.70!

If you can find out about these reverse merger opportunities, before they happen, you can cash in and walk away with a fortune.

That’s the true value in what we do for you with our “Reverse Takeover Profit Hunter” newsletter.

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