Only 24 hours left

Only 24 hours left

 This past Tuesday, I sent you a special e-mail alert about a new scientific stock advisory service that finds the most profitable stocks before they soar.

 A new concept in stock selection, this service has found stocks that have gone up an astonishing 34 to 219 times in value. I personally consider this service to be my true lifetime, professional achievement.

 The response we have received to “Lombardi’s Special Situations” has been overwhelming. If you have already signed up for this service, thanks. Your first issue is on its way to you.


 But in case you didn’t get my Tuesday e-mail, or if you have yet to respond, I’m writing to tell you we are close to filling the maximum number of allowable subscriptions we can make available for this service.

 We cap the number of subscription spots for “Lombardi Special Situations” because we want to reduce the risk of announcing a stock and seeing it rise just because so many of our subscribers are buying it. We want to create a fair playing field for all. So we have decided to limit the number of subscribers to this news service — and I believe these spaces will be filled in the next 24 hours. After that, we might not be able to market “Lombardi Special Situations” for another three months.