Only four calculated trades a month could make you profits up to 300% in only days. I’ll prove it

Recently, I had a conversation with a stock broker who told me that he and his clients are taking a beating in the current market.

When I told him we were making money hand-over-fist, his jaw dropped!

I explained that the surest way to make money in any market is to research out a few, sure-thing trades and invest in only those. Fewer trades, bigger profits. And it works like a charm.

If you agree with this strategy, then you’ll be very excited about…

My Platinum Fountain of Money Service. It takes a focused, only-invest-in-sure-thing-options approach, instead of the scattered shotgun approach most unsuccessful traders, even professional ones, often take.

Here’s how it works…

Each month, we’ll send you two put options and two call options. That’s it. Four trades.

But please understand these are the cream of the crop! The diamonds in the rough! They are almost sure winners! And that brings me to the profit payout you can expect…

First, some of our Platinum Fountain of Money history:

Since 1989, we’ve made more than 670 recommendations to clients. Our average profit, including losing trades, has been about 10% per trade, with the average holding period of each position being only 20 days:

This works out to an annualized return of 166.61% per trade!