Over the past 24 months, 32 stocks I have recommended have gained more than 100%!

Here are just a few examples of my actual annualized returns:

701% PROFIT from Golden Star Resources 388% PROFIT from Wheaton River Minerals 1,059% PROFIT from Prosoft Training 391% PROFIT from Bema Gold 931% PROFIT from Beacon Power 1,399% PROFIT from LCC International

Now I want to use my unique stock-picking system to help you…

Dear Profit Confidential Reader:


I want to send you my special weekly e-mail bulletin. In it I’ll spell out for you which stocks to buy and sell to make profits of at least $5,000.

I’m betting that I’ll make you so much money that you’ll start to anxiously await my e-mail every week. But I want you to decide that for yourself!

My average gain for the past two years has been 226% per trade. And here’s how I do it:

First, I focus only on heavily traded stocks that move fast. We want quick, big percentage profits in days. Not months or years.

Second, I analyze each stock with my unique system. It took me 10 years to develop my 13-Factor System. It searches the market for stocks that will move higher according to sophisticated patterns.

My system determines the optimum prices at which to buy… and targets prices at which to sell for maximum profits. I will tell you exactly what stocks to buy and sell-and when.